• How can I store my diamond ring as securely as possible?
  • Which methods can I use to put my jewellery on display?
  • What kind of display will protect my jewellery?

You may not wear your diamond jewellery, such as golden earrings or a diamond ring, every single day. So what do you do when you’re not wearing them? Securely storing your diamond ring is very simple. But what if I don’t want to put my jewellery away? Then I can still enjoy their beauty by putting them on display nicely. You now no longer need to look for the right jewellery in a full jewellery box!

How can I store my diamond ring as securely as possible?

Very valuable jewellery is a wonderful investment and a great asset to your collection. That’s naturally ample reason to store them away as securely as possible. You can do this by purchasing a small safe to keep in your home. In addition, storing your jewellery in a safe and therefore wearing them less, will also result in a reduced need for maintenance.

There is a huge amount of choice in size, closure and the quality of safes.

Would you prefer to be able to look at your jewellery? Then you could keep your most valuable pieces in the safe and put the rest on display for your daily pleasure.

Which methods can I use to put my jewellery on display nicely?

How can I obtain a nice overview of all my valuable jewellery? Your diamond ring may well be incredibly valuable, but the item of jewellery in itself is fairly small. Unless you only possess one ring, you would undoubtedly like to be able to choose which jewellery you are going to be wearing on a specific day. That’s why a nice display certainly isn’t an unnecessary luxury. Rings can be very stylishly and effectively stored on a handy ring stand, for example in the shape of a hand. This will allow you to position different rings on each finger and you will never lose sight of your valuable pieces of jewellery.

This is also a great way of displaying any of your special necklaces. A stylish canvas with a few gold-coloured nails is the ideal display for a golden necklace or medallion. Or alternatively the original packaging is also a great storage place.

What kind of display will protect my jewellery?

Of course it’s difficult to recreate an aesthetic presentation such as those prepared by specialists on event and exhibition stands or event furniture at home. Yet you can still aesthetically store your diamond jewellery and protect it against oxidation and other wear and tear at the same time. The different display methods can be very easily combined with protection in a beautiful display cabinet. Transparent jewellery boxes with a gold or silver edge can also be the perfect storage place for rings. You can opt for separate compartments or a velvet ring holder for the most beautiful result.

Which jewellery is best stored in the safe? Where can I buy a beautiful diamond ring? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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