Getting married to your loved one is one of the most important days of your life. Alongside the preparations for the celebration and the selection of your dream dress and wedding rings, there is another decision to be made: The jewellery you will wear on the big day, especially the bridal earrings. Let us inspire you!

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Which earrings match my wedding dress?

For a harmonious look, you don't necessarily have to choose earrings in the same style as the wedding dress. Diamond stud earrings are just as good a choice for a simple wedding dress without lace or appliqués as elegant designer earringsthat are a little more eye-catching. Anything goes, just make sure that the jewellery does not steal the show.

With a very eye-catching and lavish dress, slightly more subtle jewellery is not amiss; otherwise, the overall look could be a little overdone when paired with statement wedding earrings.

If you are having a  vintage wedding, make sure that your dress, earrings and other jewellery are from the same style period if possible. They don't need to be originals from the period, but they should be roughly based on the style of the period.
Bride with wedding earrings and necklace by BAUNAT - Elegant diamond wedding earrings
Not sure if your choice is the right one? Elegant wedding earrings, rather classic and in a timeless design, are always the right choice. If you want to make sure that the wedding jewellery matches perfectly, it is best to choose earrings, necklace and bracelet from the same collection. This ensures that each piece of jewellery is an perfect match for the other.

What colours should I choose for wedding earrings or ear studs?

The colour of your wedding dress will determine whether a colour is a good choice, and if so, which one. If you are getting married in classic white, earrings with colourless diamonds are often the best choice. They look highly elegant without distracting from the rest of your outfit with a bold colour. When choosing the precious metal, white gold or yellow gold are the classics here, best matched to the colour of the wedding rings.

If you want to set individual touches, stud earrings with a blue sapphire and diamonds, for example, are interesting. Blue is considered the colour of kings and in addition you can fulfil the old tradition of wearing something blue at the wedding.

With coloured wedding dresses, it is often difficult to match the colour tone well with jewellery or to find a harmonising shade. If in doubt, colourless diamonds are also the first choice for your bridal earrings.

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Are there special wedding earrings?

Although the term is often used, there are no specific requirements or customs for wedding earrings. The exception are some cultures where traditional wedding garments and traditional bridal jewellery are very common, for example in India or China. In Western Europe people mainly choose according to their own taste.
Bride with wedding earrings and necklace by BAUNAT - Elegant diamond wedding earrings
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable at your wedding and enjoy the day. Choose your dress, wedding earrings, the rest of the jewellery and accessories, not least the shoes, according to your ideas. The more authentic you remain, the more relaxed you will be able to enjoy your big day.

Are you interested in bridal earrings for your wedding? Do you have specific ideas and would like to have your jewellery tailor-made for your wedding day? The BAUNAT team will be happy to help you at any time, let’s get in touch.
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