Less often women choose for eye-catching jewellery. They rather choose for comfort and love to wear a subtle accessory to brighten up their outfit. Fine diamond earrings exude glamour and elegance and can be worn on every occasion, even at the office. They are popular among all types of women. So if you are looking for a nice gift to surprise your loved one, for example her birthday, or if you just want to treat yourself, a pair of diamond earrings would be a great idea.

Fine, finer, finest

A few seasons ago, statement jewellery were very popular. The bigger, more prominent and more decadent, the better. Nowadays women choose for more fine jewellery, like the tennis bracelet, a subtle necklace with a beautiful pendant or a pair of diamond earrings. Fine jewellery are not only beautiful, but also glamorous and elegant. They are present, but do not dominate. Diamond earrings are timeless: whatever the trend may be, it will always be a success. 

Which precious metal?

Which precious metal you choose depends on your personal style and taste. Diamond earrings can be made from any precious metal. At the moment, white gold and platinum are very popular and give a nice touch to any outfit. There is also still a high demand for red golden models. Yellow golden earrings are perfect for the more classic type of person among us.

At the office

These days, there are no strict dress codes anymore at the office, but there are still some (unwritten) rules that must be followed, also in terms of jewellery. In the business world women can make a difference with their jewellery. Subtle diamond earrings lend themselves perfectly to boost your business outfit, and are favorite among many business women. Moreover they do not hinder your daily business.

At BAUNAT we have an extensive collection of diamond earrings, intended for every type of woman.

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