Diamonds: our craftsmen use them to make beautiful items of jewellery time and again, ready to enchant you with their special sparkle and radiance. Brimming with symbolism as a result of the indestructible precious stones incorporated in the jewellery – it’s no coincidence this is the hardest material in the world – and because of the diamond’s unique character, which has spent millennia forming deep under the earth’s surface, under the influence of major geological powers. Some of our competitors push that unique aspect one step further, but not in jewellery. Ready for a tour along some unexpected, but truly stunning objects with diamonds?

  • Coronet, a jeweller from Hong Kong, has already broken several world records, including with a handbag and a Gibson set with diamonds.
  • Diamonds can be found in dresses, like The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur worth 30 million dollars and the Diamond Wedding Gown of 12 million dollars.
  • Other unique objects: a watch owned by Elvis Presley, set with diamonds, a diamond chess set, to even a pair of diamond shoes.
  • Even the Harley Davidson Blue Edition is set with diamonds.
  • And then we haven’t even mentioned the annual Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.
  • Still rather buy jewellery? Then go for the most beautiful designs at the most competitive prices at BAUNAT.

Handbag to truly shine with

It would certainly be worth your while to Google Cornet for a while if you are interested in seeing unique objects set with diamonds. This brand of diamond jewellery from Hong Kong has already made several successful world record attempts with objects set with our favourite gemstones. And it has recently managed to get into the Guinness World Record Book for the third time with this handbag.

Coca Cola handbag

Buying jewellery online from BAUNAT? Certainly more wearable than this diamond handbag in the shape of a Coca Cola bottle.

This bag, as you can see in the shape of the well-known soft drink, contains an impressive 9,888 natural diamonds, which together weigh 120 carat. Fifteen professionals worked on this for almost a hundred days and clearly let both their creativity and extravagance run wild. 8,543 stones are black, 1,345 are colourless. The result: the bottles shine optimally, like they actually contain the soft drink.

Or shine on a Gibson guitar?

Onto the next unique object, even though we don’t have to travel too far for this one. Coronet is not yet ready for his test piece. The jeweller already made the Guinness World Record Book in 2015 for the ‘most jewels on a guitar’. Just because someone’s got to do it, right?

Gibson guitar

Certainly not a guitar for beginners, this Gibson with an impressive 11,441 diamonds – BAUNAT

Gibson is naturally already a legendary guitar brand in its own right, allowing the greatest artists to give their very best, like Eric Clapton and U2’s The Edge. This specimen, entitled Eden of Coronet, has been set with 11,441 diamonds, good for a total weight of 401.15 carat. The stones are embedded in 1 kg of 18 carat gold. A total of 68 professionals worked on the guitar for no less than 700 days. It definitely also carries a significant price tag: two million dollars. The Guinness World Records has also confirmed this is therefore the most valuable guitar in the world.

Two of the most expensive dresses ever

Diamonds are obviously normally incorporated in beautiful jewellery, like an engagement ring for example. But some designers also incorporate the gemstones in clothing. They often tried to outdo one another in recent years. A number of the most impressive items of clothing with diamonds can be found around the Persian Gulf, undoubtedly not by coincidence.

Two of the most expensive dresses ever

Buying jewellery online fortunately costs a great deal less than this abaya with 3,000 gemstones – BAUNAT

This abaya, an item of clothing worn by Muslim women in the Middle East and North Africa, broke the price record in the United Arab Emirates in 2013. It contains an impressive 3,000 gemstones. Hundreds of diamonds weighing 2 carat each. Fifty of them are black, the same number is white. In addition, the abaya also contains 1,899 diamonds and 1,000 rubies. They have all been incorporated in 14 carat gold. They were sewn into the material by hand with 200,000 stitches with 14 carat white gold thread. There is one red diamond in the heart of the ensemble, an incredibly rare gemstone, which by itself already costs 7.4 million dollars. The total price tag? 17.5 million dollars. The abaya was designed by the British Debbie Wingham, who also designed clothing for the Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

Two of the most expensive dresses ever

This masterful dress, The Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur, costs no less than 30 million dollars – BAUNAT.

Another masterpiece is this Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur, made by Faiyzali Abdullah. The dress isn’t just made from taffeta, chiffon and silk … but is also decorated with a spectacular pear-shaped 70 carat diamond, in addition to 750 other diamonds. The price tag: a not unexpected 30 million dollars.

For that absolutely unforgettable day!

Getting married to your loved one is already one of the most beautiful days of our lives for many of us. But there are apparently ways to make this event even more unique, when you buy your wedding dress from Renee Strauss. We should actually say ‘bought’, as her very well-known wedding boutique in Beverley Hills no longer exists. Her clientele included some international stars and Renee’s dresses appeared in many Hollywood productions.

Diamond wedding dress

This wedding dress is set with 150 carat worth of diamonds. Perhaps you’d be better off buying jewellery online? - BAUNAT

Renee Strauss and her team also produced this extremely expensive Diamond Wedding Gown, for sale for 12 million dollars. The dress is set with 150 carat worth of diamonds. The dress had already been exhibited at Dubai’s Fashion and Diamonds Show, but didn’t find a buyer.

Cruising across the motorway with diamonds

A wedding dress, you would be best off not wearing this when you’re racing across the motorway on a motorbike. Like with, if we’re off on a glorious daydream anyway, the Harley Davidson Blue Edition, the most expensive motorbike ever to leave the legendary motorbike manufacturer’s premises.


The motorbike has been tuned by the Swiss watch marker Bucherer, together with the motorbike dealer Bündnerrbike. It goes without saying the modern design and blue tint are instantly noticeable. But the absolute eye-catcher is the tank, set with 360 diamonds and equipped with gold-plated screws. You will also find diamond rings incorporated in the handles and forks and in a built-up safe under glass. This Harley can change ownership for a mere 1.79 million dollars.

From the King of Rock ‘n Roll

When Elvis Presley had sold 75 million records on 25th December 1960, he was given an appropriate gift by his record company RCA Records – this beautiful watch.

Elvis watch

Fancy bidding for this watch which belonged to Elvis? Or would you prefer to buy some jewellery online? - BAUNAT

This time monument made from 18 carat white gold contains 44 round diamonds. The following can be read on the back: ‘To Elvis, 75 million records, RCA Victor, 12-25-60.’ The watch was sold for an impressive 1.8 million dollars, or 18 times more than the highest estimate.

A diamond car

Of course this had to be included in this list: a car covered in diamonds. Or to be more exact: a Hot Wheels toy car. A complete car with diamonds is supposed to exist, but we weren’t 100% sure after conducting the appropriate research.

Diamond car

The toy manufacturer Hot Wheels developed this car when celebrating its fortieth anniversary, for sale for 95,000 dollars. The miniature car was made from 18 carat white gold. It’s covered with more than 2,700 blue diamonds. Underneath the hood you will find a small engine covered with black and white diamonds.

For someone who loves chess a great deal!

From toys to chess. The French artist and jeweller Bernard Maquin created the Royal Diamond Chess set in 2005.

Diamond chess

These chess pieces form part of the Royal Diamond Chess set, with 9,900 diamonds – BAUNAT.

It’s one of the most expensive chess sets in the world. Thirty professionals, managed by Maquin, worked on it for more than 4,500 hours. They used a total of 1.6 kg of 14 carat white gold and approximately 9,900 black and white diamonds, good for a total weight of 186.09 carat. How much you would need to pay for this piece of pure craftsmanship? 500,000 dollars.

Diamond chess set

But it can be even more exquisite, with the Jewel Royale Chess Set. This was considered to be the most expensive and most beautiful set in the world in 2013. The game board has been constructed from yellow and white gold and set with diamonds. Each corner is supported by a crystal ball, containing a spiral of 16 carat gold and diamonds. The king alone is worth more than 133,000 dollars and consists of 165 grams of yellow gold, with a spiral shaped centre piece with 73 rubies and 146 diamonds.

After the handbag and the dress: the shoes!

It goes without saying this forms an essential part of our list too: a set of diamond shoes.

Diamond shoes

Fourteen thousand: that’s how many diamonds these shoes contain – BAUNAT

This pair was especially made for Nick Cannon, the America’s Got Talent presenter. He wore them during the finals of the ninth season. The shoes contain an unbelievable 14,000 diamonds, good for 340 carat. The production took up 2,000 hours. Just looking for the right gemstones and cutting these into equal sizes took up more than four months.

And finally: Victoria’s Secret!

We end our list with one of the best known items in diamonds, naturally outside of the many different items of jewellery: the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra.

The lingerie brand releases a newly created bra every year, using a different designer each time. The bra is usually set with thousands of gemstones and is always worth millions of dollars. Champagne Nights Fantasy Bra, unveiled just before Christmas 2017, is made of diamonds, yellow sapphires and blue topaz. The weight: 600 carat. The price tag: 2 million dollars.

Fancy buying jewellery online yourself?

We can also make extraordinarily beautiful pieces of jewellery with diamonds at BAUNAT, but naturally not in the shape of a toy car or chess set, but we do make some stunning jewellery. Neither will you need to pay astronomical amounts. You won’t be able to buy jewellery online for more competitive prices than here.

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