For decades, Antwerp has been the international capital for diamond. Online jeweler BAUNAT has also set up her headquarters in this city. Besides in Antwerp, BAUNAT has also offices in Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Paris and Zurich.

How the diamond jewellery of BAUNAT stand out from the rest? Because of their exceptional quality and price, but also because of exclusive creations of our Belgian top designers!

Belgian designers, diamonds from Antwerp

BAUNAT offers you a wide range of diamond jewellery created by renowed and talented Belgian jewellery designers likeWouters & Hendrix, Elisa Schepens, Anne Zellien or Elke Peeters.

These jewels, made in Belgium, are hadcrafted, perfectly tailored and come with a beautiful diamond.

Antwerp and the diamond industry: two peas in a pot

The Antwerp diamond sector has an annual turnover of 30 billion euros, accounting for no less than 7% of the total Belgian export. This is what makes the Antwerp diamond so valuable for the Belgian economy.

The connection between the diamond industry and the city of Antwerp is everywhere to be found. In the Antwerp MAS you will even discover a Diamond Pavilion. This is completely dedicated to the Antwerp diamond, her rich history and close ties with the city.

Diamond in Antwerp: ask BAUNAT for advice

Searching for diamonds in Antwerp? At BAUNAT you can find a wide range of diamond engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings, for everyone’s budget.

All our diamonds are selected from categories G and H, with clarities from VS2 to SI1. This exclusive jewellery is custom made for you by diamond dealers of the fourth generation and artisans.

Due to an efficient stock management and by selling our collections mainly online, you can purchase our jewels at best prices. Discover here all benefits of purchasing online at BAUNAT.

Do you have a question regarding diamond in Antwerp? Our specialists are happy to assist you through e-mail of telephone. Together we will help you in the search of the perfect diamond jewel for your loved one! 

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