The world’s diamonds are produced by a handful of major mines owned by large corporations or co-owned with local governments.

Here are some of the most important mines in the world, they are situated in countries that are complete opposites in terms of landscapes and environments.


People never thought of Canada as a potential diamond bearing country, until the early 1990s when two geologists found evidence of diamond bearing kimberlite pipes in the Northwest Territories region in Canada. Today there are 5 major diamond mines that make Canada the 3rd largest producer in the world of gem quality diamonds. These are Ekati and Diavik which are the largest as well as Gaucho project, Jericho and Snap Lake.


Russia was way earlier than Canada, in the 1950s already and it rapidly rose to the top three of the worlds diamond producers by the 1970s. Today Russia is the leading producer of diamonds worldwide. One important thing to mention about Russian diamonds is that the majority of diamonds is small, commonly less than 1 carat which makes it less important in terms of value per carat.


There are many mines that produce large quantities in Africa, from South Africa to Namibia where the diamonds are mainly alluvial. Botswana has been a leading producer in diamonds, producing more than Russia for a very long time. The Botswana mines are co-owned by the government which has made the projects extremely successful for the local economy in particular.


Australia started commercial production of diamond in the 1980’s, very rapidly growing to becoming a leading producer. Unfortunately, production decreased rapidly and no new sites were found. Nevertheless, Australia is very well-known for its amazing pink and sometimes red coloured diamonds which are extremely rare, found at the Argyle mine. They are sold at private sights where you can only go upon invitation which makes them even more exclusive.


Once the diamonds are found, they start their journey to the major trading and cutting centres to be sold, cut and polished, then resold again on the market as polished goods.

That is how Antwerpdiamonds arrive at the heart of the diamond district which has been a major trading centre for many centuries.


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