There are a variety of cuts to choose from nowadays, that have varied considerably since the very first experimental cuts that were made by the very first diamond cutters, to the incredibly precise cuts made today with more advance machinery.

In this article we will focus on one particular cut, which cannot be used for all gemstones because of its particularities. Indeed, you would never see this cut in a diamond because it simply would not make it look as brilliant and scintillant as the round brilliant cut does.

And, we will also try to convince you to consider this cut when shopping for your very unique engagement ring!


A cabochon cut is when a gemstone is flat on the bottom side and it is fashioned like a rounded dome on the top part. It is actually shaped and polished in this manner. The dome in itself can be higher or flatter depending on the result you are trying to achieve.

More commonly, cabochons are used in coloured gemstones, where the characteristic put forward is firstly its colour. But also because very often the cabochon shape is safer for more fragile gemstones.

Cabochons are a crucial cut to be used when particular gemstones, such as sapphires or rubies, present a very specific type of inclusions that form an optical phenomenon called Asterism.

This phenomenon is due to many parallel elongated needle like inclusions, that intersect at a particular angle inside the stone. When a moving light shines over the stone, it is reflected by these inclusions creating what appears to be a floating star on the surface of the stone.

It is very important to fashion the cabochon in the correct direction in order to best display this effect. It is a very unique and stunning optical phenomena which is more and more searched for.

The originality of choosing a cabochon for an engagement ring

Whether you are looking for a gemstone displaying a star or more simply for a gorgeous ruby to make an extraordinary engagement ring, then cabochons are made for you.


At BAUNAT we strive to offer to our clients the most wonderful gems and the most elegant pieces of jewellery to accompany these gems. If you are looking for an engagement ring with a cabochon, whether as a solitaire or with a halo, we would be happy to assist you and help you with your selection of what will make your proposal the loveliest ever. Don’t hesitate to have a look at our collection of classic engagement rings also!

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