Putting together an outfit and choosing the appropriate accessories both play a role in the beauty of a woman. Just like with clothing, jewellery is chosen in function of their morphology. In total there are seven different face shapes. Let your attention be drawn to the earrings adapted to the 3 main shapes of the female face!

Earrings for a round face

It is essential for women with a round face to choose relatively long earrings that will refine the face. Therefore, be sure to select long, sleek earrings with a square or rectangular pendant to maximise the effect of the contrast between the round face and the geometric shapes of the earrings. It’s best to choose earrings that end just level with the chin so that they can balance out the face.

Earrings for a square or rectangular face

This time, the goal is to hide the angles of the face and to give it a bit more shape. Diamond earrings with a round motif are ideal for a square or rectangular face. Large or semi-large earrings are perfect for this. You could also go with earrings that have a nicely rounded pendant such as for example pearls. This will soften the angular aspect of the face greatly.

Earrings for a long or oval face

For a long or oval face, one has to try to minimise the length by deliberately using small earrings. Short earrings, in fact, allow the face to become more proportionate and to show off its best features. The most suitable models for long faces are simple studs, preferably set with diamonds that will liven up the features even more. You can, of course, also choose to wear earrings that are a little more playful, with for example a butterfly, roses or heart motif, still keeping to a short length.

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