The latest figures from the Metropolitan Police, UK’s largest police force, indicate that the number of burglaries has risen by 21% year on year. That is a considerably high percentage and it seems to be growing more.

That is why we have identified 3 original and unusual tricks to keep your diamond jewels safe while you are at work or away on holidays.

  1. Avoiding the standard drawers and cupboards
  2. Have you ever thought about the kitchen?
  3. Choosing the nursery

1.Avoiding the standard drawers and cupboards

We all believe that leaving your valuables out of sight is the first and foremost way to protect your belongings. It obviously draws less attention when they are hidden in drawers and cupboards. But that is unfortunately just temporary. Because most thieves are used to looking for money, jewellery and other things in drawers and cupboards, even more so if they are located in the study or the bedroom. Our first advice is to avoid the obvious by hiding your diamond jewels and other valuables in more unusual places.

2. Have you ever thought about the kitchen?

Yes, we are talking about the kitchen. That is because, unless you have left things on the counter or your handbag in the kitchen, it is extremely unlikely that it will be searched by thieves. Thieves that commit residential burglaries only stay a short amount of time in the house, which is why they focus on the more standard and obvious rooms as mentioned earlier.

The kitchen is really rarely thought of.

3. Choosing the nursery

The second location that is not looked into, for both moral and practical reasons is the baby’s nursery. Why would you hide your jewellery in a baby’s room in the first place? It is very uncommon and to a certain extent not very practical either. This is exactly the reason why you should, especially for long stays away, you should hide your valuables in the nursery.

According to various statistics that were calculated by various insurance companies in the UK, jewellery and watches remain the most stolen items in burglaries with a high 43% rate. In second position you find the expected money and wallets at 38%, followed closely by computers and various electronic gadgets at 34%.

Protecting your valuables is crucial as for most they do not only have a financial value, but also a sentimental value that is irreplaceable.

Do you need advice on how to store your diamond jewels safely? Are you also looking for advice on how to care for your jewellery? BAUNAT is your answer. Our dedicated team of professionals would be delighted to assist you and help you care for and protect your diamond jewels.

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