Jewellery design does not change as quickly as seasonal fashion, nevertheless there are still trends and novelties in diamond jewellery. Today, modern cutting shapes and processing techniques allow design possibilities that did not exist in the past. Discover modern earrings and real classics.

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What characterises a modern earring design?

The definition of modern is very individual - modern stud earrings or earrings can be very extravagant and eye-catching, but many trendy designs are minimalist. Likewise, there are modern borrowings or derivations from classic styles.
Modern stud earrings with diamonds from BAUNAT  - Earrings with square princess diamonds in white gold
If you prefer a modern and minimalist looksquare stud earrings with a princess cut diamond are a perfect choice. The elegance of these earrings lies in their simplicity: four prongs holding the diamond, a striking square shape. The material of choice here is white gold or platinum, which underlines the cool charm and classic elegance. Perfect for everyday wear in the office, equally suitable for various occasions and easy to combine with other square jewellery.

Do you prefer a more striking look? Designs that challenge or reinterpret conventional ideas, for example by irregularly arranging diamonds in different cuts, are also very popular. The sensational result is shown, for example, by the La Promesse earrings, whose irregular basic shape incorporates diamonds in the marquise cut and in the round brilliant cut.

Which shapes are particularly trendy for ear studs and earrings?

Earrings or ear studs with an asymmetrical design are currently very trendy. A well-known example are XO earrings, where the earring for the left ear is clearly different from the one for the right ear.

Creoles are also back in fashion, but not in the thin, intricate shapes of the past, but rather a little smaller and widerMixes are also allowed, for example, modern stud earrings can be combined with creoles for an individual look.

The retro and vintage trend also continues and suddenly what was long considered stuffy and old-fashioned is fashionable again: the pearl earring, a standard piece of jewellery in every jewellery box 50 years ago and now trendy again - albeit in a somewhat more eye-catching design.

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Which diamond cuts have a modern look?

Round brilliant-cut diamonds are also indispensable in modern earrings and ear studs - they remain the most common type of diamond used in jewellery. A proven cut with special brilliance that is also an excellent choice in very contemporary designs.

At the moment, unusual cuts that were previously less common in classic jewellery are becoming more popular: The above mentioned square princess cut, the pear shape, the radiant cut, the emerald cut, the round cut combined in a unique way, the legendary marquise cut (which, according to legend, can be traced back to Louis XVI) and, last but not least, oval diamonds.

Last but not least, quality is in particularly fashionable, for earrings as well as other jewellery. The trend is towards individual pieces of high-quality jewellery instead of cheap costume jewellery. Pieces of jewellery that will give you pleasure not only today, but also in many years to come, and that represent a lasting value.

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