Couples rings are a Japanese trend that is becoming increasingly popular in the West. But what do they signify and where can you buy them in England? BAUNAT has gathered all the facts and our top picks of places to buy couples rings in the English capital, London.


What are couples rings?

Couples rings are a special type of ring given and worn by two people in a significant relationship. While in the West, we traditionally have three types of rings: promise rings, denoting commitment in younger couples, engagement rings and wedding rings; there is a burgeoning trend among Japanese young people of exchanging couples rings. These rings are frequently exchanged between younger couples and signify a commitment to each other and a mutual interest in eventual marriage. Engagement rings then solidify that promise, with wedding rings being the last step. However, in Japan, couples rings can also be worn by friends to represent a non-romantic attachment. Even when worn by two people who are romantically involved, they do not necessarily represent a commitment to get married. There is no set time to give couples rings, though, in Japan, it is popular to give them on your 100 day anniversary. However, you could use them to mark a birthday, another anniversary or a romantic holiday.

Where can I buy couples rings in London?

London is full of fantastic jewellers, where you will find lots of options for couples rings. In general, when looking to buy jewellery in the Big Smoke, we would recommend staying north of the River Thames and wandering around the area surrounding the British Museum. Nevertheless, if you want to look at specific jewellery shops, we have rounded up our favourite.

BAUNAT London Showroom

Located in Mayfair, the BAUNAT London Showroom is the ideal place to go if you are looking to purchase a pair of couples rings. You need to book an appointment to enter, meaning that you are guaranteed individual assistance in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are not sure exactly what you are after, our jewellery experts will be delighted to advise you on what would best suit you and your loved one. You can even add a special engraving to mark the occasion.

Couples rings are a very special purchase for two people to make. If you are still unsure about what to buy, why not browse our online collection of rings or reach out to our jewellery experts for tailored advice?
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