Today we’d like to talk about two very famous auction houses, their collections and how their sales are shaping the collectors world and influencing diamond prices.


Since the 18th century, Christie’s has been at the forefront of the worlds best auction houses. It has been the host of the most legendary auctions in the history of jewellery and has sold some of the worlds most exclusive private collections from people such as Elizabeth Taylor, HRH The Princess Margaret or Mrs Lily Safra. These collections generated spectacular results that have increasingly set ground breaking records.

Christie’s holds live auctions, private sales and also an extensive e-commerce channel that have allowed the Jewellery department at Christie’s to expand rapidly by offering a wide collection of collectors’ jewellery from all ages and various very well-known houses.

In 2014, Christie’s international jewellery sales totalled an outstanding $750 million which is the highest figure in their entire history of sales.


Sotheby’s offers extraordinary jewels to experienced and new collectors with jewellery dating back from the 19th century to the present from well known houses.

Sotheby’s jewellery team strongly believe that jewellery is the most personal of the decorative arts and like the beautiful ladies that previously owned them, carry amazing stories with them throughout time. The auction house has presented the world with stunning collections from distinguished women and celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Maria Callas. In 2014, Sotheby’s jewellery sales totalled $603 million, the highest annual in the company’s history.


These two auction houses play a leading role in providing the world of collectors and all interested people with the most extraordinary pieces of art and jewellery thereby sharing and passing on hundreds of years of history.

Both auctions houses have sold the most dazzling diamond jewellery or diamond stones that exist today, continuously setting diamond prices to new highs.

Take for instance the pear-shaped fancy vivid pink diamond weighing 15.38 carats, that was sold by Sotheby’s this year for a world auction record price, it has significantly increased the diamond prices for pink diamonds, although they were already amongst the most expensive already.


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