Summer is coming! This means the wedding season can now officially begin. And why not get married outdoors? In countries such as Spain, France or Italy, an outdoor wedding is hardly a surprising choice. But even in Belgium and the Netherlands couples are increasingly choosing to get married under the cosy warmth of the summer sun, at a chosen location.

An outdoor wedding: nothing but benefits

Just think of a romantic ceremony under a gazebo on a beautiful estate, in an orchard, in the woods, at the beach or on the banks of a scenic river. Atmospheric music, flowers and the scent of nature complete this romantic picture.

The big advantage of an outdoor wedding is that you can decorate the location from scratch. You do not have to take the interior design of a banquet hall or local town hall into account. You can completely overhaul the wedding venue to match your own personality. Colours, flowers, themes, or other decorations: it is completely up to you!

Even the wedding photographer benefits from an outdoor wedding. There is better lighting, more space and there are loads of gorgeous backdrops to choose from, and above all: less distracting visual elements such as exit signs, light switches or window reflections.

Prepare a plan B in case of bad weather

Unless you choose an exotic location abroad, the unpredictable Belgian weather could potentially throw a spanner in the works. There is not a lot you can do about the weather, but if you decide to throw your wedding party in spring or summertime, you only need a tad of luck! It is advisable to prepare a plan B however, just in case the weather gods do not feel so favourable that particular day.

In most of the Belgian and Dutch municipalities you are allowed to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. In some however, according to the letter of the law, a wedding ceremony has to take place within four walls and under a roof. In other municipalities, a roof is the only requirement. In that case, a gazebo, a tent or an oversized umbrella will do. It is best to check with your local authority whether an outdoor wedding is allowed in your municipality.

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