Until recently, most Chinese weddings were arranged. In Chinese culture, a marriage represented the joining of two families, and the proposals were initiated by the groom’s family. Nothing romantic about it! 

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But in the last decades, western cultures found their way into Chinese traditions, including diamond engagement rings and extravagant weddings.


Couple getting engaged - Couple getting engaged, man putting engagement ring on his new fiance's finger

Do Women Wear an Engagement Ring in Chinese Culture?

Traditional Chinese culture does not involve engagement rings in the proposal. But in modern China, women expect a large diamond ring from their suitor. So the stakes are high!

Today, it is “go big or go home” when it comes to proposals and weddings, and the engagement ring is no exception. Chinese women have been known to reject proposals because the diamond was too small.

In younger generations, women want extravagant engagement rings with at least a 1-carat diamond. But did you know what finger Chinese people wear their wedding rings? Traditionally, they are worn on opposite hands by the bride and groom; the bride wears the ring on her right hand and the groom wears his on his left.

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Chinese wedding - Traditional Chinese wedding

Other Chinese Wedding Traditions

In Chinese culture, baby boys were preferred as parents prized male heirs. During the 35 years that China had the one-child rule (now defunct), parents tended to abort female fetuses.

As a result, there are now 30 million more men than women in China. So, permanent bachelorhood is not only a hypothetical fear but a real danger for Chinese men. To make sure they find a mate, Chinese men go to great lengths to arrange the perfect engagement. Once again, go big or go home!

In China, engagements are next-level moments that make American proposals look dull in comparison. Think a fleet of luxury cars arranged in a heart shape, or a declaration of love composed with 1,000 hot dogs.

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