• White or colourless diamonds are formed via a complex process in which carbon molecules are exposed under high pressure.
  • How do coloured diamonds get their beauty? And in which colours do they occur?
  • A ring with a coloured diamond is a beautiful alternative to a traditional colourless diamond. 

The traditional white or colourless diamonds that we all love to see shine in for example a classical engagement ring, are formed through a complex process in which carbon molecules are exposed under high pressure close to the core of the earth. However we see that women are increasingly opting for a ring with coloured diamonds or other diamond jewellery including beautiful gemstones. With colour you also impress. No wonder that the customer demand is increasing. Nowadays the most breathtaking coloured diamonds are processed in equally impressive jewellery. But how are coloured diamonds made? And in which colours do they occur?

How are coloured diamonds made?

All diamonds go through the same process, as well as coloured ones. The colours are created in a different way. During the crystallization process, the final colour is each time determined by a different nature element. The rare red and pink diamonds occur under intense pressure and heat under the crust. Blue diamonds occur by the addition of boron, a black semi-metal. This way every diamond has its own colour. In addition, every colour gradation is possible. Which makes any coloured diamond unique among its kind. Hence a ring including coloured diamonds is so expensive. But for that price you will have something very unique.

Tip: a ring with with coloured diamonds

Anyone looking for a nice alternative to a traditional diamond ring, could choose a ring with coloured diamonds. All models are possible. By combining different colours, you get a playful and extravagant ring. Perfect for the fashionable woman. If you want a more subtle ring, you can opt for a solitaire ring. For each type of woman there is a ring with coloured diamonds

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