Everyone has heard of out of this world pieces of jewellery, from the Crown’s jewels, to the breath-taking jewellery that is worn every year by the showbiz stars in Hollywood. But have you ever heard of the 2 most expensive purses in the world?

Everyone knows that a Hermes bag, especially the Birkin collectors bag, can command incredibly high prices, but what about the purse that was designed by Japanese jewellery designer Ginza Tanaka for Hermes? The result is the world’s second most expensive purse ever. It is a stunning purse which is made entirely of platinum and it is encrusted with 2182 diamonds, totalling 208 carats.

But not only, its originality resides in its diamond sling which can actually be removed and be used either as a diamondbracelet or a necklace. Furthermore, the pear shaped 8 carat diamond that sits on the front of the purse can also be removed and worn as a brooch. This means you have a purse, a necklace or diamondbracelet and a brooch, all in one! This unique purse is worth an incredible 1.9 million dollars…

But the very 1st place for the most expensive purse in the world goes to an incredible heart shaped purse called 1001 nights by the jewellery house Mouawad. It has actually been certified by the Guinness Book of World records. It is estimated at 3.8 million dollars. This is why: it took over 8800 hours to complete by a team of 10 artisans. The purse is made of 18kt gold and is set with a rainbow of 56 pink diamonds, 105 yellow diamonds and 4356 colourless diamonds…

Diamond purses and matching diamond bracelets

We must say that a design such as these 2 purses, can only be called art, because they are each an absolutely unique work of art that cannot be copied or replaced.

Nevertheless, unless you own the Hermes bag designed by Tanaka that allows you to use the sling as a diamondbracelet, when you’re out for a special occasion, you need to find matching jewellery.


At BAUNAT we have a beautiful selection of diamondbracelets that were designed by talented Belgian designers as well as an elegant collection of classical tennis or solitaire diamondbracelets.

Bracelets can be worn at every occasion, during the day with lower key jeans and shirt, but also in the evening with a ball gown and dark coloured gloves. Which ever design you choose, diamondbracelets are like the perfect little black dress that you should always have in your cupboard.

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