Are you a lover of diamonds and already have a few pieces of jewellery and are now thinking of buying diamond earrings? Or are you a newbie and unsure whether to purchase one earring or a pair of diamonds to wear? Whether you are buying for yourself or as a gift to your son or a friend, here are a few tips to help you out in the myriad of options.

  • Which shape or cut?
  • Which setting and which metal?
  • Men’s earrings: one or a pair?

Which shape or cut?

The shape of a diamond is actually its cut. The most common and popular cuts for diamond solitaires for men are round brilliant and the princess cut. The round brilliant is a timeless cut that has been popular for decades because it is versatile and not gender focused. It is the sparkliest cut with its 57 facets as it has been created to show the most brilliance, fire and scintillation of all. The princess cut, or the square cut is a popular cut amongst men who feel that the angular shape of this diamond is more masculine.

Bear in mind that if you want great sparkle then you do need to choose at least a Very Good cut grade. A stone with a lesser cut grade such as good or fair, although it may be cheaper, will not be as brilliant.

Which setting and which metal?

We would recommend one setting, which is the most popular one for diamond earrings, the claw setting. It consists of 4 to 6 thin pieces of metal called claws or prongs, that hold the diamond firmly in place. It is simple but really allows the diamond to shine as the metal is more invisible than for instance a bezel setting where the metal surrounds the stone completely.

The choice of colour for the metal is personal, but we have found that most men have a tendency of preferring white gold or platinum, for a more masculine and colder touch. Especially the grey-white colour of platinum earrings is appealing to many men.

Should I wear one diamond stud or a pair?

Some diamond lovers just have to wear a pair of diamond earrings, while other men prefer wearing just one. Both are in fashion today as the world is becoming more accustomed to men wearing earrings, especially diamond earrings on a daily basis. So why not start with one round diamond, maybe not too large, such as a 0,60ct, and then take it from there.

BAUNAT has a great selection of diamond earrings in white gold and platinum, from princess cuts to rounds in all sizes. So please do not hesitate to browse our online collection to find your dream earrings or to ask guidance from our diamond jewellery experts.

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