• Ideas for the perfect jewellery gift for a birth
  • Tips for the optimal time

Twenty years ago, it was rather unusual to gift the mother of a new child with jewellery. But for today’s fathers, it shows good form – especially for the birth of the first child. This custom originated in the US, and in the last few years especially, some celebrities have made a name for themselves with the very lavish jewellery gifts they get for the birth of their children. It’s known as a “push present” because it alludes to the process of giving birth.

What kind of jewellery should I gift for the birth of a child?

Rings are one of the most popular gifts for all kinds of occasions, but for practical reasons they’re rather unsuitable for childbirth. Many women are affected by water retention towards the end of pregnancy and also immediately after birth, especially in the hands. To avoid having to change the ring later, a necklace is the better choice for your sweetheart. A necklace with diamonds or a medallion with diamonds makes for a particularly good fit.

A beautiful feature of a medallion is that a photo of the newborn baby can be stored inside the jewellery; it can’t be seen from outside. It’s therefore not only a valuable gift that expresses love and appreciation, but also a very personal and sentimental one.

Instead of a medallion, there is a second very individual type of diamond necklace – a necklace with a personalised, diamond-studded pendant with the name of the child.

The diamond traditionally stands for health, strength, power and beauty – the perfect symbol for your child’s mother. This idea is derived from the word origin of “diamond” from the ancient Greek “adamas”, which meant as much as “the unconquerable” and was associated with divine or godlike forces.

When to gift after the birth?

So then, you’re wondering when the right time is to present the gift for the birth. Even if, as the proud father you are, you would like to do it right in the delivery room, give your wife or girlfriend some time. After a strenuous birth that often lasts many hours or even days, rest is urgently needed. In addition, everything is new – especially with the first child – so you both have to adjust to your newfound happiness.

The perfect time would be on the way home from the hospital. Then you can hand over your gift (such as the diamond necklace mentioned above) at your leisure. Don’t forget to wrap it beforehand – even though it’s what’s inside that counts, you can never go wrong with a gift box with fine wrapping paper and a beautiful bow.

Would you like advice on selecting a gift for the birth of a child? Whether you’re interested in a diamond necklace, a medallion or any other piece of jewellery, the BAUNAT team looks forward to hearing from you.

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