Any reason is a good reason to buy a diamond for your loved one, for example to celebrate an engagement, as a gift for her birthday or to surprise her on Mother’s day. Mothers deserve all the attention. It used to be customary that a man bought a diamond ring for the mother of their first child. Nowadays men surprise the mother of their newborn child with a diamond jewellery that suits her style and taste, and which will forever remind her to this beautiful moment. We at BAUNAT have some great ideas in our collection:

A diamond ring

It used to be customary to buy a diamond ring as a gift for the firstborn. This tradition could be continued. A diamond ring is always a good idea. If it’s a boy, add a blue diamond or – as a cheaper alternative- a sapphire. If it’s a girl, consider a pink diamond.

De Médaillon d’Anvers

Nice to give is our Médaillon d’Anvers set with diamonds and available in yellow-, white- or red gold. It´s a unique piece, to which a photo of your newborn baby can be added as well.

A diamond bracelet

Do you want to buy her a jewel set with diamonds which she can wear every day and which do not hinder her daily business, then it´s best to buy her a simple diamond bracelet . The tennis bracelet is highly recommended: practical and beautiful for every type of woman. 

The Monarca collection

This collection is inspired by the monarch butterfly, a beautiful majestic butterfly which annually flies over the American continent from North to South. The appearance of a butterfly is a symbol for the birth of a new reality. A diamond jewel from our Monarca collection is therefore a good idea when planning to buy diamonds as a gift for the birth of your child.

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