• Whom is jewellery insurance for?
  • Why is insurance for your gold jewellery needed?
  • What does insurance offer?

We believe that all your gold jewellery has both strong sentimental as well as financial value. Which is why it is important to care for it and also to protect it. This can be done easily through a specific jewellery insurance that protects it against damage, loss and theft.

Whom is jewellery insurance for?

People often think that insurance is for wealthy individuals who own very expensive pieces of jewellery. And in practice, that is oftentimes the case. Mostly high-end jewellery is ensured, often starting at prices of £ 25 000 and upwards. But insurance can be for anyone who owns valuables such as gold jewellery, watches and more. The value does not have to be very high, even your £ 500 watch and your £ 300 earrings are completely worth having an insurance.

Why is insurance for your gold jewellery needed?

A specific jewellery insurance is useful for various reasons. Insurance covers a variety of situations that go beyond theft, nowadays it also includes damage and loss. Losing, for instance, a pair of earrings, or even just one, has happened to many of us. Then there is the possibility of damage, if you are a very active person, for instance, you could snap your necklace while exercising or damage a prong on your gold ring by accidentally hitting a hard surface.

Then, of course, there is the worst-case scenario if your gold jewellery gets stolen. It is a very frustrating situation and although insurance does not cover the irreplaceable sentimental value of an object, it gives you a little financial reassurance.

What does insurance offer?

Jewellery insurance is perfect if you own gold jewellery as it is specific to jewellery items only and the policies are elaborated by experts in the field. These insurances usually cover all sorts of circumstances and they apply worldwide, which really gives you peace of mind wherever you are.

Furthermore, insurance claims are usually quite easy to file and the insurance companies either replace or repair jewellery directly in case of damage or reimburse the market value in case of theft. In addition, jewellery insurance is more affordable than most people think.

Depending on the combined value of your gold jewellery it can start as low as £ 20 per year for a piece that is worth £ 250 to 300. However, the conditions in which the jewellery is kept is taken into account by your insurer. They look at how safe the environment is, how secure they are kept and many more factors. BAUNAT refers you to our long-time insurance company Driesassur when you are interested in insuring your precious valuables.

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