Are you looking for an engagement ring, but wish to avoid lengthy visits to jewellers? Do you want to avoid the risk of coming home empty-handed because you didn’t find anything suitable? Be smart: buy your engagement ring online!

How do you choose the right engagement ring? There are so many options out there, and sometimes going to a jeweller can add to the confusion. Sometimes you’re better off buying your ring online to give you plenty of time to browse different styles and find the ring (and jeweller) that’s right for you. Below you’ll find five solid reasons to buy your engagement ring online:

1. You Have a Broader Selection at Your Disposal

Surely the jeweller on site will be able to show you a decent collection, but it will by no means be as extensive as the range offered online. The reason is simple: while the jewellery store has to keep the variety of products in stock, online jewellers can manufacture your ring on demand. This system is more flexible and allows for a much more comprehensive range of items on offer. The production quality is the same as with the jewellery store, with traditional handcraft of the highest level.

2. You Avoid Paying for Any Unnecessary Costs

A premium shop in the city centre costs a lot of money, and the staff needs to be paid, whether there are customers or not. These fixed costs must be taken into account with over-the-counter trade, and it’s the customer that ends up paying for it. When buying a ring online you will receive same-level expert advice without the bill of the expensive shop rent.

3. You Benefit from Better Prices

Before a diamond reaches the end buyer, it usually passes through the hands of numerous people. The longer the chain of intermediates, the higher the final price, as everyone in the chain claims their share. BAUNAT buys its diamonds directly at the source, eliminating all intermediaries, which translates into a better price, passed directly to the end customer.

4. A More Focused Search System

Online, you can facilitate the path to success via sophisticated filter navigation. Because you can make a pre-selection, you can effectively limit the selection shown to the rings that correspond to your personal style, effectively eliminating any material or gemstone you don’t want.

5. Buy With the Same Security as in the Store

Thanks to SSL encryption, free and insured shipping and a 30-day return policy, you can make an online purchase at BAUNAT without any risks. A diamond certificate from a well-known gemological laboratory is just as self-evident as a long-term product guarantee.

Do not waste any time and become a "smart buyer". Buying an engagement ring no longer has to involve an endless search for a parking space in the city centre or visiting a dozen different jewellery shops. Find the perfect ring in minutes. Would you rather buy a tailor-made ring designed and handcrafted according to your exact wishes? No problem, even individual tailor-made products are possible!

If you have a question or need advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Our expert team is at your disposal through email, chat or telephone.
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