Everyone knows how daunting it can sometimes be to purchase an item online. You can be unsure about the colour or the quality of the item, but most of all you may be unsure whether you will actually receive the item by mail and whether your payment by card is safe from fraud.

Over the years, people have gotten used to purchasing books, clothes and various used and new items online and from different countries.

But what about jewellery, what do you think about buying a piece of jewellery online?

We believe it is totally feasible, fast and safe, here’s why:

E-commerce Statistics

E-commerce is a continuously growing sector, and according to statistics in 2013, European e-commerce reached a total turnover of € 352bn compared to €185bn in 2009.

This represents an average annual growth rate of 17.4% over the period 2009-2013. Making Europe, compared to other regions, the world’s leading e-commerce market.

But where does this leave us in terms of understanding how safe we are when purchasing something online?

Given the continuous increase in online purchasing, even for items like jewellery that cost thousands of dollars, customers realise that banks and trading platforms propose that necessary increased security against credit card fraud; furthermore, most companies offer interesting return policies should the item not suit your taste.

And what about jewellery, how safe is it to purchase your diamond ring online?

AT BAUNAT, we have a large online platform and offer the best security needed when looking at buying a diamond ring or any other jewellery at any price on our website.

BAUNAT accepts several methods of payment, from bank transfers, to all the major credit card companies as well as Paypal.

To top it off, once you’ve received your favourite diamond ring at home through our insured shipping, should you change your mind, BAUNAT offers a great 30 day return policy.

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