• When should I opt for a safe at the bank?
  • When should I install a safe at home myself?
  • Where should I keep valuable heirlooms or investments?
  • How can I protect my valuable items most effectively?

Finding a storage place you deem to be safe enough is not easy where valuable investments are concerned. This feeling will only become stronger when it involves a valuable heirloom. Gold and diamonds will become much more valuable when they come with a long and rich history. This will allow you to protect your family heirloom.

When should I opt for a safe at the bank?

A safe at the bank is a good idea for official documents, or valuable investments like diamonds. You will be very well insured at the bank, especially when you provide a clear inventory of your safe. Bank safes are particularly ideal for any matters you don’t need to have instant or easy access to.

When should I install a safe at home myself?

How often will I need my important investments and documents? Nuggets of gold, loose diamonds and bars of platinum will be best off stored at the bank, but diamond jewellery you will probably want to be able to use. In that case you could install a safe at your home. When will I and won’t I need certain items? Combine a safe at the bank with one at home in order to only keep what you are going to need at home.

Where am I best off storing valuable heirlooms or investments?

This will again depend on how often you are going to need the items. When do I wear that diamond engagement ring? If you often put this ring on your finger, you will undoubtedly be best off keeping it in your safe at home. Does your ring have more meaning as an heirloom than a wearable piece of jewellery? Then you should store it in a safe at the bank.

How would I be best off protecting my valuable items?

  1. What insurance should I take out?

What is the safest way of storing my things at home? First and foremost, you need to take out a comprehensive insurance policy. Most household insurance policies cover investments and other valuable items up to a maximum amount. Have you exceeded this amount? Then it would be advisable to take out additional insurance. A correct inventory would once again be useful here. It’s easiest to provide the value of gold or valuable diamonds by presenting a photograph or a notarial deed.

  1. Which additional security should I install?

Additional surveillance systems, such as camera security, are not an excessive luxury if you keep valuable items at home. These systems will often serve as a deterrent for thieves. Do make sure you don’t install too much security. This can have a counterproductive effect and show thieves there is something worth stealing in your home.

  1. What should I do in case of a burglary?

We recommend installing two safes. Store the most valuable items in a well-hidden and top quality safe. Install a second safe in a somewhat easier to find place and fill this with less valuable items. Thieves will go for this one first and will rarely go looking for a second one. This will ensure you provide even more effective protection for your most valued possessions.

Which investments are best kept in a safe? Where can you make a smart investment in jewellery with gold and diamonds? Contact BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice regarding your valuable investments.

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