• How do I prepare?
  • What types of men’s engagement rings exist?
  • What types of ring suit his style?

Today many couples break loose of tradition when it comes to engagements and getting married. Many newly engaged couples choose diamond rings for both in celebration of their betrothal instead of solely getting him a wedding ring. Many women take matters into their own hands and propose themselves. This is how they choose the perfect ring with which to pop the question.

How do I prepare?

As with any important purchase, preparation is key when you are planning on buying the perfect ring for him. Firstly, you set a budget. Make sure your budget is large enough to be able to choose a valuable and sturdy ring, but do not go overboard. The most important part about your budget is to make sure it is fit to your size. When your budget is all set, the next step is to find out what type of engagement gift he would like. Although many men wear rings these days, some men are just not cut out for that particular piece of jewellery. Make sure he will want to wear his ring or choose something else.

Even though the ring is the classic engagement gift, you can also propose to him with beautiful pair of diamond cufflinks or a brilliant watch.

What types of men’s engagement rings exist?

After deciding a ring for him is definitely the way to go, you can start exploring what types of men’s rings are out there. Men’s rings are usually more toned down than engagement rings for women. Because of that, you do not have to strictly keep to the ‘engagement ring’ label. Browse engagement rings, wedding rings, promise rings, couples rings and much more in order to get a good feel of what is available to you.

It is always a good idea to pay mind to the fact that his engagement ring should suit his wedding ring down the line. Make sure they are not completely the same, but that they can be worn together or interchangeably.

What types of ring suit his style?

As with any gift, the absolute most important aspect of choosing the perfect engagement ring for him is making sure that it completely suits his style. Does he hardly ever wear jewellery? Then a subtle metal band without embellishments is probably a good choice. Is he more extravagant? Then you can explore more striking types of ring. Not only is matching his personal appearance very important, you should also make sure he will want to wear his ring daily. Matching his personal style is an important first step but avoid rings that match his wardrobe if he does not like the look or feel of something around his finger.

How can I be certain about the ring I choose? How can I find out his ring size if he does not currently own any rings? Contact the diamond experts at BAUNAT for guidance in buying the perfect ring for him.

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