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Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly – The engagement ring that changed her life

We all know the tragic story of Grace Kelly, the actress turned royalty, trading in the glamour of Hollywood for the posh allure of Monaco in pursuit of the love of her life, Prince Rainier. She passed away much too soon in a tragic car accident.

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Prince Rainier asked for her hand with an eternity ring set with diamonds and rubies, designed by Cartier. When he noticed that other leading ladies in Hollywood were walking around with bigger engagement rings, he quickly bought her another ring. This one is one to be reckoned with. A dazzling 12 ct rectangular cut diamond flanked by two baguettes. The ring was used in the movie ‘High Society’ in which she played the role of Tracy Lord and became an instant hit. A lot of women were asked for their hand with a similar ring en the emerald-cut spiked in popularity. High Society was Grace’s last movie. She was secretly hoping to continue her acting career but Prince Rainier and her new royal responsibilities prevented her from doing so.

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Author: Thomas Vanden Bogaerde
Source: BAUNAT


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