The colour green is calming and naturally appeals to many people. Are you considering a green gemstone for your engagement ring? BAUNAT presents the green emerald, an elegant alternative to diamonds (which can also be found in green)! 

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Emeralds: bursting with life

A symbol of love, eternal youth and vitality, emeralds enjoy an excellent reputation and are a popular choice for engagement rings. John F. Kennedy chose a piece of jewellery set with a very Art Deco green emerald to ask for the hand of his beloved Jackie.

Emeralds are also associated with luck and their soothing green colour is thought to calm the nerves and ease resentment.

Furthermore, emerald green represents our bond with nature. Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, in the height of spring. Often cut into beautiful geometric shapes (including the eponymous emerald cut), their elongated style perfectly accentuates long thin fingers. 

If your sweetheart prefers classic styles with a vintage edge, emeralds are a great alternative to diamonds to create a unique engagement ring.

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Green diamonds are not emeralds

When it comes to proposals, diamonds are still the most popular gemstone. Symbolising purity, longevity and eternal love, it is no wonder that so many couples are drawn to diamonds. White diamonds may be the most common choice for an engagement ring, but they are not the only option: coloured diamonds are also increasingly popular.
Among the shades on offer are green diamonds, not to be confused with emeralds. Green diamonds, which get their colour from exposure to uranium, are very rare and special gemstones, believed to possess therapeutic properties. The best-known example is the Dresden Green Diamond, a natural diamond that casts a green shadow and weighs some 41 carats.

These incredible stones need no exaggeration! 

The perfect pairing: Toi et Moi ring

If you can't make up your mind, don't worry you can also combine emeralds and diamonds! Two-stone engagement rings, also known as Toi et Moi rings, have become something of a trend in recent years and they are a great choice for a personalised engagement ring! It's a simple concept :  a combination of two precious stones, for example a green emerald and a white diamond, on the same ring. The result is an incredibly romantic design, symbolising a beautiful commitment, perfect for a marriage proposal.

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Do you have an engagement ring design in mind or are you looking to create an original piece of jewellery? Our BAUNAT experts are at your disposal to provide guidance and assist you in the creation of your personalised jewellery, whether you are looking for a solitaire ring, a two-stone Toi et Moi ring, or even a trilogy ring, with three precious stones.

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Now the difference between an emerald and a green diamond is clearer in your mind, is your engagement ring design beginning to take shape? Browse the articles below to narrow down your choice.

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