• Yellow gold jewels are ideal for women who love elegant beauty and are not swayed by trends.
  • Here, we will list a number of our most beautiful classics.
  • Have you not yet found a diamond jewel in gold? BAUNAT has an extensive collection for you to choose from.

When choosing a precious metal, we notice that especially white gold and platinum, but also red gold, are currently in high demand. Because of this, the classic yellow gold has disappeared into the background a bit. Yellow gold diamond jewels are extremely beautiful, however, and possess a timeless elegance. It is ideal for the classic woman that is not swayed by fickle trends. BAUNAT is convinced that yellow gold will always remain fashionable. For this reason, we want to place the following three classics into the spotlight:

Yellow gold tennis bracelet

The tennis bracelet is a fine and elegant bracelet, (fully) set with stunning diamonds. It is light and flexible and therefore suited for daily wear. This model is primarily popular in white gold and platinum. Few know that this bracelet is lovely in yellow gold as well. The whole presents a timeless, but also more toned-down look. It is the perfect yellow gold diamond jewel for women who like to stand out in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Yellow gold Médaillon d’Anvers

The Médaillon d’Anvers is a classic among our classics. It is no surprise then, that within the BAUNAT collection, this medallion takes up a prominent place. It lends itself perfectly to treasuring what is precious to you, by adding, for example, a picture of your loved one or children. In yellow gold, this diamond jewel has a sense of warmth. As far as we are concerned, this is definitely a plus. It symbolises a sense of well-being, tenderness and love. It is also a romantic jewel, ideal as a gift for Mother’s day, her birthday or Christmas.

Yellow gold engagement ring

Men primarily choose white gold or platinum as precious metal for their engagement ring to propose with. Is your future fiancé more of a classic type? Then we recommend a yellow gold engagement ring. Yellow gold genuinely suits every model, from a traditional solitaire ring to a more pronounced model set with coloured diamonds or precious stones. The golden engagement ring remains a classic and will probably do so for quite a while.

Are you looking for a beautiful diamond jewel in yellow gold? Be sure to browse through our extensive collection. Are you interested in or do you have a question regarding a specific model, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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