• An oval diamond appears to be larger than a round brilliant diamond.
  • The scintillation of the oval diamond comes very close to the one of a brilliant.
  • With an engagement ring with an oval diamond, you can notice the Bow-Tie effect.

The engagement ring is the confirmation of your love. Therefore, buying an engagement ring is not something you should do recklessly. There are three important features you need to consider when choosing an engagement ring. One of these is the choice of the diamond itself. Of course, an engagement ring is not complete without its diamond. 

But do you already have an idea of the options regarding the different diamond shapes that can be used? Naturally, each shape has its own unique characteristics, which define the quality of the diamond. Most people immediately think about the round brilliant. However, the oval diamond deserves at least as much attention. Will you join us?


If you would like to buy a perfect engagement ring, then the ring with an oval diamond is what you are looking for! An extra asset is that the oval diamond appears to be larger than a brilliant of the same carat weight. If you choose an oval diamond ring out of our extensive collection of engagement rings, she will slide a larger diamond for a lower price around her finger. Well, at least it will appear so.

Are you wondering why not everyone chooses an engagement ring with an oval diamond? Well, a round diamond has more brilliance. The oval diamond, however, definitely comes a close second. This is because both diamond shapes are cut the same. Also, most oval diamonds have ‘the Bow-Tie effect’, which is visible when the light in the centre of the diamond is not reflected. When you tilt the oval diamond, little black triangles will appear, and this is precisely one of the charms of an oval diamond engagement ring.

Do you remember Princess Diana’s engagement ring? Back then, she received a ring with a stunning blue oval sapphire. This engagement ring now adorns Kate Middleton’s finger. An engagement ring with an oval diamond clearly has a certain something. Or maybe even something ‘royal’. Others fall in love with the oval diamond because of its vintage look.

Why are you falling for the charms of an oval diamond? Let yourself be seduced by our extensive collections, and contact BAUNAT if you would like some additional advice.
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