Have you been waiting for that perfect opportunity to gift your loved one a diamond jewellery gift? We could make it easy for ourselves and say: why not just opt for gold earrings or a diamond necklace now? Because any moment could indeed be the right moment. But there are also special moments in life, moments when jewellery truly is the ultimate gift.

A precious stone such as a diamond encompasses a lot of symbolism: it will live on for eternity, just like the feeling you express by giving it. And to gift something that beautiful is really saying: you’re extremely important to me. We’re happy to give you an overview of the big and small milestones in life, when it is the perfect time to gift diamond jewellery!

  • At the start of your relationship, to emphasize that you care a great deal about that other, special person.
  • When you have been dating for a while or when you move in together, as extra proof of your involvement.
  • Why not celebrate love at that day? By which we mean Valentine’s Day, of course.
  • For your engagement or wedding day, as a symbol of involvement and connection. Or on your wedding anniversary.
  • At the birth of your baby: a present to the mother who brought your child into the world.
  • Out of gratitude and love: to your best friend, to your parents on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. Because they’re worth it.
  • For Christmas or the birthday of someone special in your life!

When there is chemistry …

Butterflies in your stomach can happen at any time: when you’re shopping, on the train, at the gym or during a night out … Has it happened to you recently? And to him or her as well? Have you gone beyond that first date but you’re not yet officially a couple?

Then this might be the first perfect moment to gift your loved one a diamond jewel, as it emphasizes that you care for that special someone; make sure you pick jewellery that exudes elegance and simplicity, such as gold earrings.

Express your young love with beautiful gold earrings, just like this couple – BAUNAT

Or if your beautiful relationship has progressed

Perhaps you’ve been dating for some time now or you’re about to move in together? In the first case: good for you! In the latter case: congratulations, what an important step to take!

Do you really want to prove to your partner that you’re fully committed? A new ideal moment to gift jewellery, that carries that message perfectly. When you bring out this surprise you both know, more than ever before: this relationship is strong.
Go for a timeless classic: the gold diamond ring. Not only does this surprise demonstrateyour major involvement, it also shows you value quality and that you’re attentive – all the characteristics of an excellent partner.
Perhaps you can even take it one step further and have the date that you met or the first time you declared your love to each other engraved into the jewellery?

Are you moving in together? Confirm your commitment with, for example, a gold diamond ring – BAUNAT

And well, yes, why not on Valentine’s Day?

Are you a bit like us? Then you want to demonstrate each day and every day that you love your partner. And this includes Valentine’s Day. Browse online and buy a jewel from the extensive range available on our web shop. Gift, for example, that diamond necklace you’ve had your eye on for some time now. Or for him: gold cufflinks.

No greater symbol of commitment than the rings at a wedding – BAUNAT

And of course: when you get engaged or married!

Do you want to spend the rest of your lives together? An engagement ring is of course the perfect way to make that commitment official. Be sure to take a look at our range of engagement rings, to find the engagement ring of your partner’s dreams. And if you don’t know where to start, read this article on the 5 steps you need to take to find the perfect engagement ring.
At last: your wedding day. Gold wedding rings are perfect to represent your relationship and your marriage going forward. No doubt you and your partner will find rings which perfectly match your personal taste at BAUNAT.
And what about your bridesmaids? Often these are your dearest friends and family members. You can show them too, what they mean to you. Choose simple, classic items. Perhaps these gold earrings are an option?

Each year you can also celebrate a special birthday: your wedding anniversary. Once again, a great time to underline your commitment and spoil your other half. A diamond bracelet is a wonderful idea!

Task for the father, next to admiring this baby: give, for example, gold diamond earrings to mama- BAUNAT

When you become a family

Are you expecting your first baby? Congratulations! Have you heard of the American tradition of the push present? The person who becomes a father or co-parent, gives a gift to the mother who brought the child into the world, as a token of love for both of them. Of course, that new life is already the biggest gift ever, but a brand new mama deserves something extra after nine months of pregnancy, doesn’t she?
A classic here is a necklace with the baby’s initial. Or a jewel with the baby’s birth stone. The birth stone is a precious stone connected to the month in which someone was born, or sometimes with the day of birth or zodiac sign. The birth stone for May, for example, is the emerald, for July it is ruby and for April it is the diamond.

For that special family member or best friend

Diamond jewellery: of course you don’t have to buy it just for your loved one.
Your best friend, whom you can count on night and day, surely deserves a diamond gift as well. Choose an jewel which suits his or her style – no doubt you know that style through and through.

People you can always count on, through thick and thin, are often your parents, right? Was and is your mother always there for you? Or do you just want to emphasize your beautiful relationship with her? And is Mother’s Day coming up soon? A fun idea could be a tailor-made jewel with her children’s birth stones incorporated in it.

And perhaps father wants/deserves something for Father’s Day. What about the cufflinks we mentioned earlier? Read this article for a few tips on how to buy diamond rings for him.

We finish with two classics: Christmas and birthdays!

Diamonds under the Christmas tree, who doesn’t love that. You can never go wrong with a diamond necklace. Your daughter might love diamond earrings, and perhaps your son likes a watch that he can wear every day.

And is it the birthday of someone very dear to you soon? That too is an ideal occasion for a special gift. Buying a birth stone or diamond incorporated into a ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet … Anything is possible! And it will put him or her on cloud nine for sure!

Want to buy a gold diamond ring for him or her? Why not start now!

Are you inspired and do you want to buy a gold diamond ring or other diamond jewellery to surprise someone dear to your on one of these special occasions? Discover our extensive range of our highly competitively priced jewellery in our web shop. Contact our BAUNAT-experts for more information or arrange an appointment in one of our showrooms.

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