It may still seem far away, but before you know it, it's Halloween. Time to think about which scary outfit you will wear. To make it all a bit more dramatic - and more luxurious, you can buy black diamond cufflinks. Both fine and more extravagant models will completely finish the look.

Black diamond

Black diamond (carbonado) is a kind of polychrystalline diamond that is formed by nature, mostly originating from aluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic. This colour is not as hard (rather porous) as colourless and coloured diamonds. How black diamonds are formed is a question that scientists cannot give an accurate answer to yet. There are many different theories going around, even extra-terrestrial origins are not excluded.

Black diamond cufflinks

This thought makes it even more fun to buy black diamond cufflinks for Halloween. And really any model is possible. If you have quite a showy outfit already, you better go for more subtle cufflinks. However, if you would like to make the whole more extravagant, pull out all the stops. Tip: by adding coloured diamonds, the cufflinks will get a softer appearance. Ideal to wear them afterwards as well.

Which precious metal?

Diamond cufflinks set with black (and white) diamonds look best in white gold or platinum. Both precious metals highlight the black colour. They both have their pros and cons. Platinum is more durable, while whit gold is less expensive. Buying black diamonds in a yellow or red gold mounting is something we would not advise.

Are you planning to buy diamond cufflinks, then you are at the right place. Black diamond models are not in our standard collection. It is of course possible to have specific model tailor-made. We will gladly assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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