Many of the engagement rings which you can buy online, have a 4-claw setting. This not only looks more elegant, a diamond solitaire ring held by 4 claws, gives also a modern touch to your look. But there is more. This setting has nothing but advantages. Please find them as below:

1. All attention for the diamond

The claws of a solitaire ring are functional. It holds the diamond in place. A 4-claw setting is an absolute minimum. The setting is simple and elegant, and enables the diamond to give it the full attention.

2. More brilliance

A 4-claw setting enables the diamond to be positioned in such a way that it catches more light, so the stone will sparkle more. The more sparkle, the more beautiful and luxurious the appearance, even for a small diamond.

3. Multidimensional

The 4-claw setting is multidimensional. By this we mean that it can hold several diamond shapes in place. The setting is ideal for a brilliant, cushion and princess cut diamond.

4. Easy to maintain

Because less precious metal is present around the diamond, one can easily clean the stone. Dust and dirt particles which accumulated under the diamond can easily be removed. A jewelry cleaner is basically not needed, a bowl with warm water mixed to a detergent and a soft (!) toothbrush would be good enough.

5. Symmetrically

A solitaire ring with a 4-claw setting looks symmetrical which is important, especially when it comes to engagement rings. Not only its symmetry, but also the symmetry of the diamond will make it look elegant and luxurious.

6. Less traditional

The 4-claw setting looks modern and less traditional. In the past, people used standard 6 to 8 claws to hold the diamond in place. For safety, so the diamond certainly would not fall out. Nowadays the techniques are much more improved.

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