Want to combine a fun city minibreak with diamond jewellery shopping? Then you should consider going to Amsterdam. Mokum is cosy and has a rich diamond history and a BAUNAT showroom. In short, all the ingredients for a successful stay. In Amsterdam, you are guaranteed to find a bracelet you will fall in love with.


Why is Amsterdam a great place to buy a diamond bracelet?

For four centuries, Amsterdam led the way in the European diamond world. It was not until after World War II that the city had to cede that position to Antwerp. However, as a centre for the diamond trade, it still enjoys an established reputation. Discover the many diamond jewellers in Amsterdam (including BAUNAT, of course) and the local Diamond Museum. You can buy investment diamonds, as well as diamond jewellery, in the Venice of the North.

Why is a diamond bracelet an ideal gift?

The greatest advantage of a diamond bracelet is its versatility. Anyone can wear a bracelet; there are designs for every taste and to match every outfit. And who doesn't like receiving an item of diamond jewellery as a gift? The gemstones can be set in white gold, platinum, yellow gold or red gold. Moreover, you can choose between colourless or coloured diamonds, different designs (rivière, solitaire, herringbone, etc.) and shapes (from fine to statement).
In the BAUNAT Amsterdam showroom, you are guaranteed to find the perfect bracelet, such as this gorgeous white gold diamond bracelet.

What types of bracelets can I buy in Amsterdam?

When you plan a trip to Amsterdam to buy a bracelet, it is best to consider what style you would like beforehand. Do you prefer the rather fine tennis bracelet with diamonds along the entire length? Or maybe you prefer an open or closed hand chain? Cannot decide for yourself? No problem – the specialists of the BAUNAT showroom in Amsterdam will be happy to advise you on your choice. We ask that you make an appointment beforehand so that we can help you in a relaxed, unpressured atmosphere.

Visit the Amsterdam showroom

Can I have a custom bracelet made in Amsterdam?

Of course! Our designers at BAUNAT jewellery would be delighted to help you create a beautiful diamond bracelet. Whether you want to personalise the piece of jewellery with an engraving, or have your own design developed into a beautiful, unique handmade bracelet, do not hesitate to ask them for help.

A diamond bracelet is an ideal gift. In our showroom in Amsterdam, you will find a large collection of bracelets and other jewellery. You can also purchase a tailor-made bracelet if you are looking for something more personal.
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