Christmas is just around the corner, and so are all its festive celebrations. We have put together this little article, especially for you wonderful ladies over 40, to give you ideas on what you could wear, which colours are best for you and how you could accessorise your outfit with gold rings.

  • Classic black or glamorous red
  • A modern jumpsuit
  • A timeless gold ring

Classic black or glamorous red

Two colours are perfect for everyone over 40: the classic black and the glamorous red.

Black is perfect for all ages, as it is flattering, modern and elegant, whether you wear trousers or a little black dress. It can be accessorised easily, and it suits most skin tones and ages.

Red is perfect for different reasons. It is not only ideal for the Christmas season as it is the colour of choice along with green, it is also a glamorous colour perfect for mature women and makes you stand out. Furthermore, there are different red hues you can choose from. Whether you pick a bright red or a deeper burgundy, you will certainly find a shade of red that suits you best.

A modern jumpsuit

The jumpsuit has been in fashion for quite some years now. Initially though, it was more popular amongst the younger generation with its colourful materials and tighter fit. But lately, the overall look of jumpsuits has become sleeker with more flattering fits.

This is why it is a highly recommended outfit for women over 40 who are looking for an elegant but comfortable outfit for Christmas dinners and parties.

A timeless gold ring

Red or black, jumpsuit or dress, whichever you choose, you need to think about the jewellery. And the casual chic piece of jewellery for this Christmas season is a timeless gold ring. The gold ring you will be wearing needs to be elegant and slightly bold, maybe even set with sparkly diamonds, so that even if worn alone, it easily makes a statement.

We recommend a golden ring for women that looks like a piece of art with fluid lines. A ring that is out-of-the ordinary and so timeless that it can be worn for all other special occasions throughout the year.

Have you already purchased your outfit for your Christmas party and are now looking for a special gold ring? BAUNAT has a fabulous selection of gold rings, in yellow, white and red gold that will beautifully match what you are wearing on this special occasion. Should you for any reason not find what you are looking for, then do not hesitate to learn more about our complete tailor-made services.

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