• What effects do chemical beauty products have on diamond jewellery?
  • How can organic beauty products damage my jewellery?
  • What can I do to preserve their lustre?

Diamond jewellery not only carries exquisite value, they shimmer like no other gem can. Because of that, it is important to take good care of your jewels and diamonds. It starts with good maintenance and safe storage. But did you know there are other factors affecting the beauty of your jewels and diamonds?

What effects do chemical beauty products have on diamond jewellery?

You might not realise it, but there are most likely quite a few chemicals in your beauty case. Especially hair spray and perfume, which usually contain plenty of alcohol as well as other damaging goods. They might not be too damaging for your skin or hair when used with care, but things are different for your jewels and diamonds with a unique shimmer. Not only will the film of mist temporarily dull the natural shine of your jewellery, when left on too long the chemicals will start eating away at metal and softer gems. Not only will your precious jewellery end up damaged and lustreless, they will weaken and result in loss of gems and diamonds.

Weak metals will compromise the setting of your jewels and diamonds, increasing the chances of loss. Make sure to put on your jewellery after you have finished everything else. This avoids them getting snagged on clothing as well as being sprayed with chemicals.

How can organic beauty products damage my jewellery?

What if I never use chemical products in my beauty rituals? Even then you should be aware of possible consequences. Your jewellery might not get as easily damaged without chemicals, you can dull them by having lotions and crèmes get into the smallest details and in between the metal and your gem. These products not only dull the shine by blocking the light flow and adding putting film over the gems, they also damage the structure of certain jewellery.

For instance, residual make-up under the prongs in your ring can compromise their sturdiness and cause for you to lose the stone just the same as chemical damage.

What else can I do to preserve their lustre?

Try to stay away from water and possible chemicals altogether when wearing jewellery. Make sure to always remove them before cleaning the house, taking a shower or going for a swim. On top of that, you can periodically clean your jewellery at home. Make sure to properly research how to do it carefully. Try gentle lathers with soft cloths and follow guidelines closely. In doubt? Take them to the jeweller. Their professional cleaning techniques will make your jewels and diamonds shine as new.

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