Brides want a dream wedding. For this unique celebration to succeed, stylish and whimsical wedding accessories are important. Dreamlike earrings, sparkling hair ornaments or even the sexy garter are little details that will make your bridal outfit perfect.

Carefully selected accessories are a must

White flowers, precious pearls or a matching ribbon are eye-catcher for your bridal hairstyle. Individually selected hair ornaments make your hairstyle on the wedding day a work of art.

Sparkling earrings that match the colour of your wedding dress or are in deliberate contrast make you look even more elegant. Here you should choose real diamond jewellery that will flatter your complexion much more than crystals. A delicate necklace, perhaps with a simple solitaire diamond, will accentuate your décolletage. Statement necklaces, on the other hand, can distract from the wedding dress and the radiant bride.

With a fine bracelet, your wedding dress is truly completed. Perhaps the bracelet you wear could be the ‘borrowed’ part of the famous bridal rhyme, lent to you by a family member for your big day - tradition meets contemporary.

Short veil or something rather more spectacular

Symbolically, the bridal veil symbolises protection against evil spirits. Which bridal veil is perfect for your wedding dress depends mainly on the style of the dress and the type of wedding celebration.

For a wedding in a small circle a short veil or a matching fascinator with a mini veil (birdcage) might be ideal. However, if your wedding ceremony takes place in a larger church and your wedding dress is a real statement piece, an extra-long cathedral veil with lace would be the perfect choice.

Comfortable shoes and something to keep you warm

The perfect shoes should be elegant and match your wedding dress. But more importantly, they should also be comfortable. Tip: Buy two pairs of shoes for your wedding. A high pair for the wedding ceremony and wedding photos and a more comfortable flat pair to dance through the night with your husband.

To keep the tradition alive during a church wedding, you should cover your shoulders with a stole or a small jacket during the ceremony.

The garter: an age-old tradition

A garter is not just a playful accessory. The tradition of wearing a garter on your wedding day dates back to the 15th century. With the garter, the groom could prove that he had truly married his bride or had taken her innocence.

Nowadays, it is a game during the wedding celebrations for the groom to take off his bride’s garter with his hands or teeth and throw it in the direction of the present bachelors. According to popular belief, the bachelor who catches will be the next to marry - like throwing a bridal bouquet.

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