Did you know that Catholics were the first to encourage couples to wear wedding bands? They started the tradition as early as the 1300s, which was 500 years before other religions. But what does a traditional catholic engagement ring look like? BAUNAT has the answers.

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Catholic Wedding Traditions

To have a truly Catholic wedding, your wedding ceremony has to take place in a Catholic church. If you are both Catholic, the ceremony will likely take place during a Nuptial Mass, which includes readings of the Liturgy of the Word, followed by the Rite of Marriage (the exchange of vows and rings), and Liturgy of the Eucharist (communion).

Hymns are sung, psalms are read, and you can ask friends of family members to read passages from the Old and New Testament. All of these steps lead up to every hopeless romantic’s favourite part – the kiss.

At the end of the ceremony, the priest may invite the couple to “seal the deal” with a kiss, before leaving the church.
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What Makes Catholic Engagement Rings Unique?

Today, diamond engagement rings are the most popular choice across the world. But, the Catholic Church has a unique view of the meaning of engagement and wedding rings.

So, what makes catholic engagement rings unique is that they are not unique, but traditional.

The Catholics view the ring as a reminder to betrothed couples of their consent, of their vows. The rings represent their promises to each other and a symbol of their devotion to each other.

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What Are Typical Characteristics of a Catholic Engagement Ring?

In Catholicism, diamond engagement rings should be traditional and modest. No diamond is necessary for a catholic engagement ring. An inscribed gold band will do just fine.

But if your betrothed wishes for a diamond, the best choice is a solitaire diamond engagement ring with side diamonds, or with a diamond on its own.

Let the ring itself, and your actions while wearing it, speak to what your marriage is made of, and not how much money you spent on it.

Want More Examples of Catholic Engagement Rings?

To achieve that minimal and traditional look, here are some stunning examples you could put on your beloved’s finger:

This classic white gold 0.9-carat solitaire diamond ring.
Or this white gold 1-carat trilogy ring.

Or if you want a more discreet look, this yellow gold eternity ring with small diamonds adding up to 0.55-carat is a perfect choice.

Or BAUNAT’s team of experts are happy to help you design your own engagement ring from scratch with your own tailor-made service.

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