• How can I protect my valuable possessions?
  • What do I need to pay attention to when buying a safe?

There were approximately 5000 fewer burglaries in the first trimester of 2017 compared to last year, with 13,668 incidents. There were just over 18,000 incidents in 2015 during the same period. Reassuring figures. But more than thirteen thousand burglaries per year is still a significant number. How can I protect my valuable things when I am not using them? You can discover that here.

How can I protect my valuable possessions?

Would you rather store your valuable items at home? Then your best option is to invest in a safe. There are three different types of safes to choose from: burglar-resistant, fire-resistant and a mixture of the two. You would be best off opting for the latter, depending on your needs and budget. This will be somewhat more expensive, but it will ensure your investments are always protected.

What do I need to pay attention to when buying a safe?

  1. How much should I spend when buying a safe?

Your budget is completely dependent on what you need a safe for. Would you like to safely store your wedding certificate and a hard drive? Then opt for a cheaper safe than you would for your platinum bars, gold and diamonds, or valuable jewellery. A good quality safe will last a long time, which is definitely worth the extra investment.

  1. How large should be safe be?

Safes come in various different shapes and sizes. In order to determine what size safe you need, collect up all the items you want to store in your safe. Put everything together and you will instantly know what size you need. Make sure you buy a safe which is one or two sizes too big. This will ensure it won’t just be able to look after your current needs, but will also allow you to add additional items at a later stage. Are you planning on investing in diamonds or precious metals? Then you can simply include these too.

  1. Which type of safe should I buy?

Take a good look at which type of lock you want on your safe. One with keys is safe, but what if you lose the key to your safe? Combination locks don’t have that risk. Do make sure you choose a more unique code than your date of birth. Fingerprint locks are very safe, but a great deal more expensive too. You can also combine various different types of locks.

  1. Where should I keep my safe?

The bedroom is often the first place burglars will go looking for valuable items. Even if you are keeping your diamonds in a safe, you would undoubtedly prefer they didn’t even find the safe in the first place. They will often simply take the safe with them, even if this is very heavy and you will then still have lost your gold and diamonds. You are therefore better off hiding the safe in a less obvious place.

  1. How do I install my safe?

There are again various different options here too. Most safes have the option of being anchored into the wall or the floor. Some can be concreted for maximum security. This will greatly reduce the risk of a burglar taking it with them. Opportunity burglars are responsible for the majority of burglaries and they generally don’t want to make that much effort.

What do I use my safe for? Which other options are there in addition to storing my gold and diamonds in a safe? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice for the best solution.

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