We all know the standard fancy shapes that have existed for many years and are based on brilliant and step cuts such as the heart, oval, pear, cushion and princess.

Then there are cuts that carry the name of their creators, such as the famous Asscher cut by the Dutch Asscher family that was created in early the 1900s and then redesigned by the later generation as the Royal Asscher. But since 1999, there has been the more unusual Tycoon cut diamond, which is becoming a unique choice for engagement rings.

What is the Tycoon cut diamond?

The Tycoon cut diamond was created by two cousins named Kejejian in 1999 in a bid to distinguish themselves in an already crowded diamond market.

And they succeeded by creating a unique simple cut that is visible to the naked eye. Its main shape, as it was originally created, is rectangular, but can be fashioned as a square, taper, trapezoid or with cut-corners to suit all tastes.

It comprises only nine crown facets, with the main central facet, the table, being its main particularity, as it is shaped like a diamond. And the 20 step-cut pavilion facets make the diamond appear of a better colour grade. This combination of crown and pavilion facets adds more fire and brilliance to the diamond overall.

To cater to a large audience, this cut is also produced in melee sizes for the engagement rings with halos and side stones, meaning you can choose a solitaire (as is preferred for more traditional styles, such as the princess cut and pear cut) or opt for a trilogy or more of stones!

Choosing a Tycoon cut diamond for your engagement ring

Considering all this, there is no reason not to choose a Tycoon cut diamond cut for an engagement ring, as it is more unusual than a princess cut or pear cut. Perfect for those with a slightly edgier style!

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