A diamond can be cut in various forms, each with its own character and appearance. One of these types of cut diamonds is the special pear cut: the pear or tear-shaped diamond. It's not just an engagement ring with a pear-shaped diamond that has a classy look, but necklaces and earrings also suit this cut perfectly.

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What characterizes a pear cut diamond?

The pear cut diamond is also called the tear-shaped diamond or a pendeloque, from the French 'pendeler' or 'hanging'. The pear cut diamond has a round and a sharp edge, making it look like a combination of a round brilliant and a marquise cut. The fragile tip of the gemstone must always be protected by a prong.
pear cut diamond - A pear diamond has an elegant appearance.

The special beauty of a pear cut diamond

The elegant and unique pear cut diamond is popular for a variety of jewellery In a diamond pendant, the neck is accentuated nicely thanks to the length of the pear shape. Set in a ring, pear cut diamonds make the hand appear slimmer as they point to the tip of the fingers with their tip. Few diamond jewels have a pear cut stone. That's what makes them so unique and original. In addition, a pear cut diamond has an elegant and royal appearance that looks exceptional in diamond earrings.

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How do I determine the right proportions?

The appearance of a pear cut diamond is determined by the ratio between length and width. Traditionally, that ratio lies between 1.45 and 1.75. It is especially important to be true to your own taste. Do you prefer a long and thin shape or a shorter and more compact one? Regardless of your choice, symmetry plays an important role. The more perfectly mirrored the two halves, the better the quality of the cut.

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Pear cut diamond earrings - The pear cut diamond is perfect as a pendant.

Choose a diamond of excellent quality

To obtain a pear cut diamond with impressive brilliance, opt for a stone with exceptional cut quality. It is important to buy a stone of excellent cut quality, colour and clarity, especially when you are looking for a pear cut diamond engagement ring. Pear cut diamonds can be placed in a ring setting with 3, 5 or 6 prongs, one of which is to protect the tapered point.

This reduces the risk of breaking the tip. It is always best to buy a certified diamond, so you are sure of the origin and quality. All BAUNAT jewels are always certified.

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The most famous diamonds - There are several famous gemstones in the world.

Famous pear cut diamonds

Although pear-shaped diamonds are quite unique, there are still a number of very famous specimens. They often owe their fame to their size, carats and excellent cut.
  • Miroir de l'Amour

  • This is a set of earrings with the world's largest pair of pear-shaped diamonds weighing 52.55 and 50.47 carats. The precious stones were set in the earrings by 'Maison de Haute Joaillerie', the boutique of Boehmer et Bassenge in Paris.

  • The Cullinan or Star of Africa

  • The crown jewels of English Queen Elizabeth II are set with enormous diamonds, and the associated scepter is set with the largest pear-shaped diamond in the world. The Cullinan weighs 530.2 carats.

  • The Amsterdam

  • This pear-shaped black diamond takes its name from D. Drukker & Zn. Of Amsterdam. It weighs 33.74 carats and was shown to the press for the first time in February 1973.

    Celebs with a pear cut diamond engagement ring

    Stars, royals and powerful figures have a penchant for unique jewels and engagement rings. These often contain a magnificent diamond as a sign of purity and a symbol of eternal love.

    • Victoria Beckham

    • Most people have one engagement ring, Mrs Beckham has 14. She received them all from her husband David Beckham during the years they have since been married. The ex-Spice Girl now owns a collection of rings worth more than 10 million euros in total. In 2005, she probably got the largest ring in her collection, a huge 17-carat pear cut diamond in a ring set with smaller diamonds.

    • Paris Hilton

    • In early 2018, Paris Hilton got engaged to 32-year-old actor Chris Zylka. He proposed with a large pear-shaped diamond in a ring set with smaller diamonds. It is a design by jeweller Michael Greene, worth more than 1.5 million euros.

    • Elizabeth Taylor

    • Taylor owned an impressive collection of jewellery and her engagement ring she received from Richard Burton was one of them. He proposed to her with a giant 69-carat pear cut diamond ring, worth more than $1 million.
    Necklace with pear cut gemstone - Pear cut pendants accentuate the neck.

    The pear shape incorporated into other jewellery

    As we mentioned, the pear cut diamond is especially popular as a pendant, both for necklaces and earrings. A subtle variation with only a single diamond is beautiful in its simplicity. In addition, you can also have the pear cut diamond surrounded by several smaller precious stones for even more sparkle. You can combine the pear cut pendant with different precious metals from yellow, white or red gold to platinum. If you go for a pair of earrings with pear cut pendants, opt for subtler and smaller diamonds.

    Are you looking for an original, classy and unique engagement ring? Then the pear cut diamond is the perfect choice for you. To obtain a pear cut diamond with impressive brilliance, opt for a stone with the highest possible cut quality.

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    What other cuts are there?

    The pear cut diamond is also called the tear-shaped diamond and has a round and a sharp side, making it look like a combination of a round brilliant and marquise cut.

    In addition to the pear cut, there are plenty of other cuts. Each cut has its own character and properties. Which shape is best suited depends on the size and proportions of the raw gemstone. These other cuts are the most common:

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