• Where can I admire the rich diamond history of Antwerp?
  • What was the Diamond Pavilion?
  • What is DIVA Antwerp?

Traditionally, Antwerp has been known as the place where diamond traders and enthusiasts meet each other. For ten years, the Diamond museum on the Koningin Astridplein, in the heart of Antwerp and close to the diamond district, was a popular tourist spot where you could admire the most beautiful diamond jewels.

Where can I admire the rich diamond history of Antwerp?

Diamonds and Antwerp go hand in hand, but regrettably, the diamond museum closed its door recently. But no need to fear. Diamond enthusiast will always be able to enjoy themselves in Antwerp. For a while, they were welcomed in het MAS. There, a beautiful exposition regarding this extraordinary precious stone was part of their permanent exhibition. Afterwards, this exposition was temporarily replaced by the Diamond Pavilion.

What was the Diamond Pavilion?

The Diamond Pavilion was a collaboration between the Diamantmuseum Provincie Antwerpen and the AWDC (Antwerp World Diamond Centre). After all, Antwerp without a location where diamonds are put in the spotlight was unimaginable. A visit to this Pavilion underlined why this city is still called the diamond capital of the world.

It provided insight in the world of diamonds and the key players in the diamond trade and production, it showcased various breath-taking diamonds and it highlighted the extraordinary quality of Antwerp diamonds.

Starting from May 2018, DIVA Antwerp will take over this special task from the Diamond Pavilion.

What is DIVA Antwerp?

On the 7th of May, DIVA Antwerp will open its doors. Various stories will guide you through the rich history of the main protagonist and her butler, Jérome. You will walk through the history of diamonds and diamond jewellery. There will be collections regarding the daily use of diamonds, religious jewellery with beautiful gemstones, winners of design competitions etc. All this to truly immerse you in the brilliant world of diamonds. Not only classic diamond jewellery, but also modern jewels from the past and present will have a place in this enormous collection. Diamonds in Antwerp? You have never seen them like this before.

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