• The most beautiful diamond engagement rings of the celebrities
  • The celebrities love diamond jewellery
  • BAUNAT offers engagement rings with diamonds for the best price/quality ratio

Famous couples love to showcase their most sparkling diamond engagement rings to the whole world, to make us long even more for one to wear ourselves. The exceptional engagement rings worn by certain stars make most of the girls dream. 

The most beautiful diamond engagement rings of the celebrities

The celebrities simply love jewellery that sparkles, and most of all they love prestigious diamond engagement rings. On top of that, the diamond is known as a sign of purity and the symbol of eternal love. The English queen Elizabeth II possesses the most beautiful diamond jewellery in the world.

Elizabeth Taylor is a star who is known to the world for her 30 carats diamond engagement ring that she received from her first husband Michael Todd. Her second husband presented her with a ring of 33 carats. Taylor Kinney proposed to Lady Gaga with a heart-shaped solitaire ring.

Anne Hathaway was spoiled by her fiancé with a diamond ring, a unique design of 150 000 USD that Adam Shulman (the fiancé) had designed himself. Victoria Beckham is the star who possesses the most engagement rings, all of them offered by the same man: David Beckham. As of now, Victoria Beckham has at least 10 rings set with emeralds or diamonds. There is even a unique design with a big heart-shaped diamond. A ring that is estimated at 1,265,000 euros.

The celebrities love diamond jewellery

Scarlet Johansson made a lot of heads turn with her beautiful diamond necklace. It is a diamond necklace that looks like a river of precious stones. This type of necklace gave Scarlet Johansson an elegant and unrivaled brilliance.

We all know the singer Lady Gaga for her extravagance. Far from being discreet, she wore a diamond necklace in the shape of a tie, big earrings and diamond cufflinks. Rihanna knew how to enhance her diamond necklace by adopting a total black look. The engagement ring of Kate Middleton is an 18 carat sapphire surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

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