Mixing and matching jewellery has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years. But it is now taking a new turn with people daring to combine styles and metals which until now would have been considered a fashion faux pas. In the world of weddings, this trend is evolving to include the old with the new, matching heirlooms with beautiful stories with brand new gold or platinum jewellery.

  • How do you combine heirlooms with platinum jewellery?
  • Focus on one area in particular
  • Choose high end jewellery

How do you combine heirlooms with platinum jewellery?

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Whether we strongly follow traditions or not, we have all heard of this wedding custom that has been passed down from one generation to another. It is about 4 objects a bride should have or wear on her wedding day to bring good luck.

This is the perfect excuse to match heirlooms with brand new jewellery. Heirlooms carry the history and stories of your ancestors that wore them, they are a wonderful addition to any wedding outfit. And combining heirloom with gold or platinum jewellery is even better as it adds a modern and glamorous touch on your wedding day.

Focus on one area in particular

When matching styles such as heirlooms and new platinum jewellery, it is important not to overwhelm the look by focusing on particular areas of your body that you would like to put forward.

For example, if you are wearing a wedding dress that has a high neck and covers your shoulders, then you may want to focus on your ears and hands. Therefore, if the heirloom is a ring then you can either purchase an elegant bracelet that will look different but complement it, or you can purchase some beautiful earrings. If the heirloom is a necklace instead, you can match it with stunning diamond platinum earrings.

Based on the type of heirloom you really wish to wear and your dress, there are many wonderful combinations possible, so do not hesitate to let your creativity and imagination flow when choosing your bridal platinum jewellery.

Choose high end jewellery

When choosing new pieces of jewellery for your wedding day, it is important to pick timeless high-end jewellery. Since you will be wearing and cherishing this jewellery for the rest of your life and then passing it on yourself to your children, you need to purchase quality which is why you need high-end jewellery.

High-end gold and platinum jewellery offers quality, durability and a great investment opportunity. Making it the perfect type of jewellery to match with heirlooms that have also been passed down through generations.

Are you looking to complement some stunning heirloom for your wedding day? BAUNAT has a beautiful collection of platinum jewellery, from bracelets to rings and necklaces that will certainly match your outfit and your jewellery on your special day.

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