The wedding is approaching fast, you have the location, the catering, the flowers and photographer and, very importantly, the dress. Now comes the time to look for the perfect diamond wedding set that will add that final touch to your whole wedding outfit.

Here are three proposals on how to match your diamond wedding set based on either your dress, your wedding theme or the overall atmosphere of your wedding. This will help you find the perfect diamond wedding set for the most important day of your life.

  • Design: matching jewellery and dress
  • Themed: jewellery and colours
  • Inspiration: jewellery and atmosphere

Design: matching jewellery and dress

One option when looking for the perfect jewellery is to choose a design which is directly based on your wedding dress because it is important to maintain a certain harmony.

If your wedding dress is covered in lace and highly decorated, then more subtle and fine jewellery would be your best option. An example would be choosing diamond ear studs, combined with a solitaire diamond pendant to add just a little sparkle to your neckline.

On the other hand, if your dress is more refined, then you could decide to wear a more eye-catching diamond wedding set. Such as a statement necklace or long dangling earrings.

Themed: jewellery and colours

A second option would be to base your wedding jewellery on the chosen theme for your wedding day. Many couples today, decide for example, to use a colour they love as the base for the theme.

Say for instance your favourite colour is red and you choose to add red accents to the celebrations, then you could choose to include a touch of red to your diamond wedding set. This could be done by combining diamonds with rubies set in a tennis bracelet and a pair or ruby earrings.

Inspiration: jewellery and atmosphere

The third option could be to base your diamond wedding set, on the atmosphere chosen for your wedding. If your wedding is inspired by the Victorian era for instance, then you could choose some lovely vintage looking red gold jewellery set with old cut diamonds. Alternatively, if your wedding is inspired by nature for example, you could choose a design inspired directly by nature, such as jewellery with flowers and leaves.

BAUNAT has a beautiful collection of diamond wedding sets that will match every one of your wedding dreams and themes. Furthermore, we have a talented team of experts that are at your disposal to assist you in the decision-making process, whether you are having doubts regarding the style or design you are looking for or not. Do not hesitate to browse through our extensive online catalogue for the most creative and unique designs.

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