Buying a watch is a major purchase, especially if you are choosing one as a surprise gift for a loved one or close friend. Nonetheless, Dusseldorf is a fantastic place to buy jewellery, including watches. It has a famous arts and music scene, meaning it is definitely a highly creative city! To aid you in this quest, BAUNAT has gathered our top tips for buying watches in Dusseldorf.


Top tips for buying watches

Whether online or in-person in a city like Dusseldorf, it can be difficult to know how to go about buying a new watch. This is such a personal purchase, particularly if you are buying a watch as a gift for a loved one or friend. To this end, we have gathered our advice on how best to make this purchase:

1. Do your research

Have a look at some online collections to decide what styles and designs you like. If you are buying a watch for someone else, why not look at the watches they already own. If this is their first watch, you could snoop around their clothes and other jewellery to see what kind of style they like.

2. Think about the type

You may not realise it, but there are different types of watches available. A quartz watch, named for the quartz crystal used inside the watch, is powered by a battery, whereas a mechanical watch needs to be wound. Furthermore, a self-winding watch is wound by the motion of your wrist. Consider what would be most practical for you or the intended recipient of the watch.

3. Choose the right glass

The type of glass used in the production of a watch is of utmost importance, as it really dictates the quality of the watch. Most manufacturers use plastic, which is cheaper and durable but scratches easily. For this reason, we would recommend avoiding it in favour of mineral glass. In our opinion, the best choice to protect the dial is sapphire crystal glass.

4. Consider the watch strap

If the intended recipient is more outdoorsy and prefers masculine styles, maybe a leather watch strap would suit them best. Otherwise, metal alloys, such as 18-carat gold, are always a great option. They are a classic choice and make a real statement.

Where to buy watches in Dusseldorf?

The best place to buy watches is undoubtedly the BAUNAT Dusseldorf Showroom. Located on the main shopping street, Königsallee, this jewellery shop is a handy location. Plus, as it is only available by appointment, you are guaranteed to get individual assistance in a relaxed atmosphere. Our jewellery experts will be on hand to answer all your queries and guide you in your purchase of a watch, whether as a gift or for yourself.

Still unsure of where to begin? Before buying your watch in Dusseldorf, why not contact our online advisors for tailored advice from the comfort of your own home.
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