We all know that to attend a business meeting you need to look smart, elegant and to a certain extent formal. It is known that you need to dress appropriately for your industry and look the part.

Of course, if you work for some young funky silicon valley company you may be able to dress down a little when attending meetings, but if you are in a managerial position, it is believed throughout that you need to dress up more than the other employees just to show your status.

It is not a question of arrogance or showing off, it is just to show your professionalism and that you have certain responsibilities.

  • What should a business woman wear for corporate meetings?
  • How important is jewellery in an outfit?

What should a business woman wear for corporate meetings?

In today’s business world, women haven’t been wearing suits as much as they used to 1 to 2 decades ago. There are a myriad of ways women look professional and smart without necessarily wearing a full suit. While women do often wear a suit jacket, it may be combined differently with a dress or a shirt and more modern trousers. Vice versa, if suit trousers are worn, they may wear a more modern stylish jacket made of different materials and colours for instance.

Women can also wear bolder colours, as long as the lines are elegant and the style looks well coordinated, and that is when accessories play an important role.

A woman needs to accessorise with specific details such as a belt, perfectly matching shoes to the outfit and a glamorous high end handbag. Those details are just as important as any fancy clothes they may be wearing.

How important is jewellery in an outfit?

Jewellery is crucial and should never be left for last or omitted. A specific well thought piece of jewellery shows attention to detail, highlights your personality and give a whole outfit a little more sparkle.You could compare that to men and their watches and how they like to wear a stylish watch that makes a statement.

Also, with jewellery you can also be a little more bold, with the style and the colours; and you can easily choose something a little out of the ordinary if you like it, or remain more discreet and choose a more subtle piece that adds brilliance without being too present, such as combination rings.

Choosing jewellery needs to be carefully thought of as much as which shoes and other accessories you are going to wear with which outfit.

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