Combining different earrings is a very hot trend. If you have multiple piercings in the same ear, you can create a true ear party. Discover everything you need to know here about combining earrings if you have multiple piercings.

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What is an ear party?

If you want to be right on trend, you'd better go for an ‘ear party’! That means combining different rings, dangles and ear-studs in multiple holes in the same ear. This allows you to mix and match colours and gemstones to your heart's content. The most classic combination consists of a simple dangle together with one or more matching ear-studs. Avoid mixing a bold collection of earrings with other jewels, which would make the overall effect too busy. It is better to have all the attention go to your ears.

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What look goes with earrings in multiple holes?

Combining multiple earrings in one ear can quickly come across as busy. Because of that, it is better to choose minimalistic earrings in the same style. Beyond that, anything goes in terms of the look when combining different ear-studs to earrings in the second hole. For example, with three simple studs or earrings, you can create a simple but stylish look. If you want to go a bit more frivolous and alternative, you can choose earrings that are linked to each other. That involves small studs with a small chain between them. They most often come in yellow or white gold for a refined effect.
They can be real eye-catchers, or just that subtle little bit extra with your outfit. There are sets in which one earring is the opposite of the other, for example two half moons that you wear in mirror image. For example, one earring can also be slightly longer than the other but still clearly belong with each other because they have matching gemstones.

 Combining multiple earrings of different sizes in one ear is also very trendy. Slender earrings with little charms steal the show. Younger girls in particular are driving the trend of charms in the form of hearts, stars or geometric symbols.

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The advantage of wearing different earrings in the same ear is that it draws attention subtly and create a unique look. The disadvantage is that the overall effect can easily start to look messy. However, there are tips to avoid this. For example, always wear the longest earring at the front and go smaller as you go higher up your ears. If you combine multiple colours go for the same shapes, or vice versa. For example, wear different shapes in yellow gold or go for multiple round studs in diamond and sapphire.

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What earrings should I choose for multiple holes?

The most popular types of earrings to be combined this way are studs, small hoops and short dangles. Large earrings or long dangles are less commonly combined with other earrings. Further, you can also buy ear cuffs that hold the fold of your earlobe. These can vary from subtle bars to large geometrical shapes that clamp around your auricle and then through your earlobe.

Especially for people with a short hairstyle, the more classic  studs or small rings are very trendy.

 For a special occasion, you can choose larger studs in a unique precious metal such as rose gold or a pair of eye-catchers with large diamond studs.

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