By buying diamond jewellery online, you can buy a piece of jewellery at the best price / quality ratio, while enjoying a wide selection of products as well as personalized service.

Diamonds at a smashing price

On the Internet, diamond prices are usually 30% to 50% lower than those of physical stores. E-retailers have the ability to offer exceptional prices because they are more competitive than the jewelers who own a standard shop. Buying diamonds on the Internet does not require any travelling and easily let you compare the price / quality ratio of the jewel.

Quality and diamond guarantee

To ensure product quality, it is very important to remember the 4Cs, namely: Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut, as a seller would recommend you in a shop:

- The Carat refers to the weight of the diamond (1 carat = 0.2 grams)

- Colour corresponds to a shade of white designated by different letters. The stones in the categories D and E are whiter. From the letter I, the diamond begins to take a slight yellow coloration.

- Clarity is the degree of purity and the purest stones generally carry the indication IF or internally flawless.

- Cut refers to the cut of the diamond. Like color, the cut quality is expressed by letters. EX means Excellent, while P is a very low quality (Poor).

It is strongly advised to apply for a certificate of quality and authenticity when acquiring a stone. This certificate is issued by gemological laboratories such as GIA (Gemological Institute of America), HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) and IGI (International Gemological Institute). On each purchased jewel comes with this kind of certificate.

Tailor made jewellery

On the Internet, the possibilities for customizing a diamond jewel are many, namely: flat, slightly-curved, domed, round, half set, etc. The finish can be polished or mat, the thickness depends on personal taste. And why not engrave a personal message on the inside of a ring? All of these options are possible at BAUNAT with a wider range of possibilities than at a typical store.

A wide range of diamond jewels

On the Internet, you immediately access a wide product catalog where each jewel is carefully detailed and is illustrated with beautiful images. For millennia, the diamond has symbolized eternal love and is the most expensive gemstone that exists. Most women like diamonds, some are concerned above all with the size of the stone, while others rely on aesthetics.

The setting and the pavé greatly contribute to the beautification of the alliance. Again, there are many possibilities, including half set bezel setting for a "jewelry" finish, or a complete tour of grain setting.

The number of diamonds depends on the desired setting and the financial capacity of the bride and groom. It is recommended to check the certificate attached to the ring when buying.

As for alliances, white gold is more and more sold, thanks to its discretion when comparing it to yellow, red and pink gold. White gold is simple, modern and refined. In addition, the white represents purity, innocence, peace and life. Different models are available, including carved, hammered or guilloche. White gold is not completely white and is also called grey gold. According to the jeweler and the country, the composition may differ.

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