• What are creole earrings?
  • What is the history behind these gold earrings?
  • Where does the name creoles come from?
  • How do you combine creole earrings?

Creole earrings have a rich history from ancient myths and legends all the way to contemporary popular culture They go with many styles and looks. Discover the history of the hoop earrings and how to combine them with your outfit.

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What are creole earrings?

Creoles are large round earrings that can be made in all kinds of different colours, materials and designs. In various Caribbean cultures they symbolise resilience, strength and identity. Creole earrings have grown into a real fashion item in recent years, especially in hip-hop culture. Yet they go with many styles and looks as they can range from a small, subtle ring to an impressive pair of large earrings.

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What is the history of these gold earring?

Long before our era, the Minoans wore gold earrings. This civilisation flourished between 3,000 and 1,200 B.C. located on the Greek island of Crete. They were masters of metalworking and made jewellery from bronze, copper, silver and gold. The Minoans traded with peoples in Asia Minor, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Phoenicia and paid with their precious metal. In addition, they wore the jewellery with pride.

Gold earrings are also mentioned in the Bible. While Moses was talking to God on Mount Sinai, his brother and high priest Aaron asked the Israelites to melt the gold earrings of their wives, sons, and daughters into a golden calf. That image was then worshipped as the God who delivered them from Egypt.

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Furthermore, we cannot imagine a pirate without a gold earring. But why is that? The gold earring is thought to have been a form of insurance in case pirates and sailors perished at sea. When their bodies washed ashore somewhere, the sale of the gold earrings served to pay for their burial. We also see golden earrings cropping up among fishermen. They wore an earring as a means of identification in case their ship sank and also to pay for their funeral.

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In the 1960s, hippies wore earrings as a symbol of rebellion. Today, men and women of every race, age and social class wear gold earrings, with or without diamonds. In certain cultures, earrings still have religious significance. For example, male Muslims are not allowed to wear gold jewellery. Some Jewish scribes see gold as a symbol of luxury that leads to ruin.

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Where does the name creoles come from?

The word “creole” means “slave” in Surinamese. The gold rings refer to colonial times when African slaves had to wear earrings or a slave bracelet to indicate that they belonged to someone.

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The Creoles are a Surinamese population group that descend from these former African slaves. Many Creoles are of mixed African-European descent. Their native language is Sranantongo. Until long after the abolition of slavery, white Americans believed that the white race was superior. After the Second World War, self-awareness among the black population grew. Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech kick-started the racial equality movement in America. In the late 1960s, the Black Power movement emerged, which proudly promoted collective values and interests. Their supporters wore gold earrings to honour their African heritage.

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How do you combine creole earrings?

Because creole earrings come in all shapes, sizes and precious metals, you can really go in all directions with them. From small hoopearrings that add a subtle touch to an elegant outfit to large eye-catching statement earrings, the possibilities are endless. Will you choose yellow gold, white gold or platinum? Choose a precious metal that matches your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour to complete your look. In addition, you can have your earrings set with precious stones such as diamond, sapphire or emerald. Or opt for gold earrings  with a subtle pendant for a playful touch.

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