That’s it, the date for your wedding has been set for the middle of autumn. You will be celebrating your love at that special time of the year when the leaves change colour from a vivid green to a wonderful palette of warm yellows, oranges and reds.

All these beautiful colours can be very inspiring for your wedding theme. So why not take it a little further and choose gemstone set gold jewellery for the big day? They add a lot of natural colour to your outfit and it could even match your wedding theme.

  • Choosing gemstones based on your wedding theme
  • Adding colour to complete your look

Choosing gemstones based on your wedding theme

Picking gemstones instead of diamonds for your bridal set can be a wonderful idea should you wish to be coherent throughout your whole wedding theme. Your wedding jewellery could be set with colourful gemstones that either match or simply complement your theme.

For example, if your theme colour is blue then choosing some stunning sapphire earrings or a pendant could be ideal. On the other hand, if your theme is based on an era such as the Victorian times, then pearls would complement your wedding outfit perfectly. There is a myriad of gemstones to choose from, from stunning rubies to emeralds and more.

Adding colour to complete your look

Adding gemstones to your gold jewellery is an original way to add colour to your traditional white or cream coloured wedding dress. Even more so if you are getting married in the autumn when nature is so colourful and lively. The gemstones provide lovely accents of colour, without being too overpowering.

Furthermore, should you still love to see some diamonds in your wedding jewellery, you could pair both gemstones with diamonds for a complete look of colour and sparkle. In fact, the diamond’s brilliance and fire fit perfectly with the colourful hues of the various gemstones.

A ruby surrounded by diamonds in a pendant, a trilogy of emeralds & diamonds or a Toi & Moi ring composed of one gemstone and one diamond, represent you as a couple and adds symbolic value. There are so many great designs to choose from and gathering inspiration from your beautiful autumn surroundings is the best way to choose your perfect autumn wedding gold jewellery.

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