• How do UK-residents choose their wedding theme?
  • On what do they base their choice of engagement rings?
  • How do young Brits experience their engagement?

The UK has always had its own brand of globally renowned pop-culture, and it now appears to play a big part in wedding traditions as well. Where do many Brits find inspiration for their wedding theme? How about when they pick out engagement rings? Continue reading to explore what inspires British traditional engagement rings and wedding themes. 



How Do UK-residents Choose Their Wedding Theme?

British wedding themes turn out to quite often be based on or inspired by films. Not only romantic comedies grace the list, but unorthodox stories inspire brides and grooms just the same. Well-known tragicomedy Four Weddings and a Funeral inspires many British weddings up until today, 24 years after its release. Along with it, inspiration is also drawn from more recent American comedies 27 Dresses and Bridesmaids, and the romantic tropical setting of Mamma Mia because of its exquisite ceremony in the sun.

It might surprise you, but Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, is a favourite for Victorian and Gothic themed weddings.

How Do Brits Choose Their Engagement Rings?

Contrary to the weddings themselves, British engagement rings are based on tradition rather than pop-culture. Famous influencers often have noticeable impacts on diamond engagement ring sales worldwide, but the UK is especially responsive to the Royal Family. One of the highest selling engagement rings today is still the sapphire and diamond white gold ring Kate Middleton has been donning for the past seven years. Although no numbers have yet been confirmed, jewellers expect a surge in requests for yellow gold diamond trilogy rings, just like the one Prince Harry gave Meghan Markle.
Even lesser-known royalty has an undeniable influence on the British engagement ring market. When Princess Eugenie got engaged earlier this year, pink diamond halo engagement rings enjoyed an instant revival.

How Do Young Brits Experience Their Engagement?

Although diamond engagement rings are highly popular in the UK, many brides are proposed to without a ring. While 64% of Brits still want their partner to choose their “forever ring” to propose with, there is a peaking interest amongst those in a relationship to share the responsibility. About one third of engaged Brits ends up picking their own engagement ring without other input. Only a small number of British newly women throw engagement parties after she receives her ring, which on average costs about £470. Statistically, Brits get engaged most often during Christmas time. Whether it be taken from Royalty, movies, or magical times of year, the British sense of romance turns out to be undeniable.

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